We offer advanced markets strategies, products, resources, and customized case design. For one-on-one help, call us at 800-823-4852 and ask to speak to a brokerage manager. With decades of experience, deep product knowledge, and a commitment to our industry, our brokerage managers are your best source for insights and strategies to help you present the perfect solution for your clients.

Need sales ideas, checklists, calculators, case studies, sample documents, and more? Check out our extensive collection of advanced markets resources.

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Advanced Markets Resource Center

PGI Advanced Markets Resource Center

You'll find helpful presentations, calculators, videos, one-page summaries and more. This is just a sample of the topics and features you'll get:

  • Strategies for retirement planning at any age
  • Tips for business insurance
  • Guidelines for estate planning, including for small business owners
  • Information on charitable giving
  • Income tax strategies
  • State-specific laws & information
  • Calculators for mortgage amortization, college savings, compounding interest, taxable vs. tax deferred vs. tax free, Roth IRA conversion, Social Security benefits, tax estimator, net worth estimator, business valuation, and more
  • Sample documents for a variety of trusts, from ILIT (irrevocable life insurance trust) to a spousal support trust to charitable remainder annuity trust; buyout agreements and executive bonus arrangements; beneficiary designations; and more

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Our brokerage managers are your best resource! Call us at 800-823-4852, or check out our advanced markets resources at the link below. You'll find training materials, conversation starters, checklists, calculators, case studies, and more.

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