If your clients want to increase the amount they're contributing to their retirement funds, defined benefit plans funded by life insurance may be the answer. It's also a great solution if your client is a business owner looking to provide a defined benefit plan for his or her employees, but who also wants to keep costs low. A cash balance plan addresses these needs and more.

How It Works

As a business owner, your client can use a defined benefit plan and a profit-sharing plan to save for retirement, provide a death benefit, protect retirement assets from creditors, and keep costs low while still providing retirement benefits for his or her employees. Your client will be working with you and a third-party plan administrator to set up to plans for him/herself and the employees. The business will make tax-deductible contributions to both the profit-sharing plan and the defined benefit plan. The bulk of the money will go to the defined benefit plan, which will purchase a life insurance policy for your client. A small additional amount will go to the profit-sharing plan since no discrimination is allowed among employees. The defined benefit plan will pay retirement benefits to your client, or if your client passes away before retirement, will pay a death benefit to his or her beneficiaries.

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