We provide quotes, policy details, advanced markets case design, direct marketing solutions, application fulfillment, and unparalleled access to life insurance carriers for independent agents.

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What We Offer: Life Insurance Education & Support

Let us help with case design, as well as firm-wide methods, strategies, and concepts that grow your revenue. We’re proud to offer the service of a traditional brokerage, state-of-the-art technology, and an end-to-end consumer solution that helps you better serve your clients and prospects.

  • Sales Support. Need illustrations, sales, or presentation materials? Let us know. We can even offer point-of-sale support to help present your most difficult cases.
  • Case Management. Need updates on a case? See “Case Status” above – or give us a call for a live update. We're at 1-800-823-4852.
  • Underwriting Tools. We have full access to the underwriting manuals for Swiss Re, Gen Re, and Hannover Re. Many BGAs can’t offer this level of support – we can. Pinney is one of a handful of BGAs who can view the manuals and query the database, helping us give you more accurate quotes. Our underwriting staff can also help you determine whether a carrier had made a good offer based on the case statistics.
  • Concepts & Strategies. Bring us your toughest cases – or your most valuable. Let’s create the full-spectrum financial solutions your clients need. We work on life insurance reviews, trust reviews, wealth transfer, income protection, premium financing, estate planning, business planning, and more.
  • More Products & Carriers. Can’t find the right product for a client? Give us a call. Our membership in LIBRA Insurance Partners (formerly LifeMark Partners) and PLAN offers unparalleled access to top life insurance carriers for independent agents. Let’s shop the market together to find the best fit for your client. We strive for a carrier-agnostic approach – there’s no such thing as one-stop shopping when your client’s future is at stake. We consult sources ranging from LifeTrends to InforcePro to ALIRT for due diligence, pricing support, carrier date, and financial trends.
Pinney has helped me grow my business beyond where I thought possible...everyone at Pinney offers top notch support and professionalism.

What We Specialize In: Direct Marketing Solutions

Since 2004, we’ve made direct marketing and technology our focus. We worked hard to create and share innovative tools that let you sell where your customers want to buy – online. To do that, we created our own platform and tools for E-Signature and E-Applications because they didn’t exist at the time. Our direct-sales systems and processes take care of the back-office work so you can focus on delivering personalized service to your clients and prospects. Paperwork? No thanks. Selling online? Yes, please.

We offer our partners and affiliates:

  • Consumer-Facing Call Center. We staff and manage an entire call center of agents and application specialists who conduct phone interviews and schedule exams on your behalf.
  • Comprehensive Case Management. You’re never out of touch. Our case managers provide detailed status reports and recorded correspondence in every case file. In an instant, you can access email and voice traffic between case managers, clients, carriers, and vendors (APS, exams, etc.).
  • Live Transfer. You quote a client over the phone and transfer them to us instantly. Our in-house insurance coordinator completes the phone interview, including scheduling your client’s medical exam. Our team acts as your personal administrative assistant and advocate during the application process.
  • Referral Options. Our life insurance referral tool creates a hands-off sales process. It’s structured as a referral to your “insurance division.” Your clients can generate their own real-time quotes and fill out an application request, which can be directed to you or to one of our licensed insurance specialists to complete and process on your behalf.
I don’t do very much life insurance and did not really know what to expect by allowing your company to take over most of my work. Well, I couldn’t be more pleased. keeps me updated on all progress of applications, more than I would have expected…Looks like it’s a marriage made in heaven.

What We Deliver: Best-in-Class Technology

We’re all about helping our industry move into the 21st century. Consumers are too busy to shop the old-fashioned way. We need to make life insurance easy to shop for and easy to buy – on their schedule, not ours.

Our tools incorporate cutting-edge technology to make the sales process easier for everyone. You can spend more time selling and less time on routine paperwork.

Let’s use technology to systematize and automate as much as possible, giving you more time to connect with clients and us more time to develop industry-leading technology solutions.


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We’re proud to partner with Insureio Technologies, the most robust insurance marketing system we’ve ever seen.

It’s a customer relationship management (CRM) software system that includes all the bells and whistles insurance agents want – pre-built marketing emails and full campaigns, customizable reporting, and more. Insureio is fully compatible with our drop-ticket application-fulfillment platform, using E-Signature, E-Policy, and E-Delivery – all industry-standard technology.

How It Works: You make the sale, using Insureio's health analyzer and quoter to get an accurate quote for your client. We follow up with your client to fill out the application, order medical exams, follow the app through underwriting, deliver the policy, and pay you 100% of your normal commission. You spend all your time selling and we’ll handle the paperwork in a secure digital environment. For more information, click here.

We’re committed to the life insurance industry – and to the technology our clients depend on. Let us help you sell more in less time, with all of our resources at your disposal. From advanced case design to application fulfillment, let us provide all the tools for your success.

Working with Pinney Insurance is an absolute pleasure. From managing my cases to underwriting expertise, they are an extremely important part of my success. I highly recommend Pinney Insurance as your choice for an IMO.

Pinney Insurance provides access to life insurance carriers for independent agents.Take Life Insurance to the Next Level – Join the Pinney Team

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