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Hepatitis B is an inflammation of the liver, due to an infection of the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). Although a common condition worldwide with more than half the population chronically infected, Hep B only has a 2% incidence of chronic infection in the United States. HBV is typically transmitted through birth, sex, or blood.

Approximately one-half of the new infections are mild and unrecognizable occurrences. The other half are more significant that will show signs of jaundice and/or elevated liver function tests and, long-term, may develop into fibrosis, cirrhosis, or cancer…and occasionally death.

Not to be confused with acute Hep B exposure — that typically isn't a real underwriting concern, once resolved — infections lasting longer than 6 months are considered chronic. To be considered for life insurance, a client must be recovered, in a carrier state, and/or only have a mild form of hepatitis.

Underwriting for Chronic Hepatitis B

The primary questions to be asked of a proposed insured that presents with this history are:

  • Age at diagnosis and what are the average LFT readings — especially the ALT(SGPT)?
  • Any diagnosis of fibrosis or cirrhosis?
  • Has any testing been done (i.e., biopsy, CT scan, ultrasound)?...normal results?
  • Have any medications been prescribed?... or any treatment w/ anti-viral drugs?
  • Amount and frequency of any alcohol use?
  • Frequency of follow up with doctor and testing results?

Underwriting decisions for chronic hepatitis B will be varied depending on the severity of the disease and how long a person has been infected. A Table 2-4 is typically what you’ll be looking at for a starting point, but Standard offers are possible with evidence of excellent control, normal liver function tests, negative biopsies, and good doctor's follow-ups. Our free questionnaire will help you gather the information needed.

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