Placing Cases with Our Medical Director

With the help of our medical director, we've had numerous underwriting success stories with hard-to-insure individuals. Here are just a few examples.

Beating Heart's Desire

This case involved an 87-year-old woman and a $1 million universal life policy. The case originated with one of our competitors, who had almost ruined it with extraordinarily poor shopping. Our producer came to us for help, asking if we could clean it up. We did, with two cover letters of explanation.

The first cover letter was from one of our brokerage directors, who explained how the case had developed and justified the financial aspects of the underwriting. The second letter was a copy of a review by our medical director, who had summarized the exam, EKG, and two APS's. She opined about a suspected neurological problem, as well as some insufficiency in all — not one, but ALL — of the proposed insured's heart valves. Our competitor had obtained a series of declines on this case, but with our medical director's two-page summary and assessment, we were able to help this client. We received tentative Standards from First Colony, ING, and Lincoln Benefit.

Working Things Out

This was a much smaller case from a key producer, with a 56-year-old male as the proposed insured. The case was declined due to a slow, slight elevation in PSA, a much-too-low free PSA, and an ST depression on a treadmill that resolved quickly after exercise. Our medical director's write-up dismissed both issues convincingly. As a result, we received a Standard from Banner.

Put Our Expertise to Use

In the cases described above, the Pinney Insurance underwriting team's review and commentary provided compelling, three-dimensional looks at problematic risks. These reviews allowed underwriter buy-in for our assessments. Do you have a client whose health history needs our team's experience and expertise? Let us help you place the case - and create more underwriting success stories!

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