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Great rates. Interest rates are still high in early 2024, as you can see in the top MYGA rates showcased above. Despite expected rate cuts later this year, Sheryl Moore of Moore Market Intelligence predicts record-breaking annuity sales to continue.

Straightforward products. MYGAs are easy to understand and easy to sell. Your client puts in cash they don’t need at the moment and earn as much as 6% interest for terms ranging from 2-10 years. Rates beat CDs and savings accounts, with longer terms that generate bigger returns.

Easy sales. If you can ask a question, you can sell an annuity. “Where are your savings? Are you getting at least 5.5% there?” All it takes is a hint of FOMO (fear of missing out) to pique your client’s interest. Ask the question during client meetings. Email your clients current rates. Post those rates on a monitor in your office. Whether you market passively or actively, the rates speak for themselves. All you have to do is let clients know there’s an option out there for safe, secure returns.

How to Use Annuity Rate Watch

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3. See industry news, historic rates, upcoming rate changes.

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Important Required Annuity Training

NAIC States require that agents complete Annuity Suitability Continuing Education, AML, and product specific training BEFORE an annuity application is dated.

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