Your 2019 Social Media Calendar
Start the new year off right with our 2019 social media calendar. Posting more often is a great way to start a conversation and build a relationship with clients and prospects online.

We hope you enjoyed the 2018 social media calendar we created last year. To help you stay on top of social media in 2019, here's an updated version of that calendar. If you already have a schedule or ideas for what to post, use them! This list is a handy backup if you run out of ideas, or are pressed for time. We’ve included insurance items, plus the most well-known hashtags and internet-friendly holidays (like May 4th, for Star Wars fans).

Ways to Use This Calendar

Weekly Hashtags

If there's nothing on the schedule for a particular day and you want to post, you can always use one of these hashtags. Use them with text, pictures, or video on any social media network. They're especially important on Instagram, if that's one of your active social networks. We included five hashtags per day of the week, which will get you through the entire month.

Post a quick text update, a selfie, an inspirational quote, a factoid, tell followers what you’re working on, or provide a financial tip. You can even share someone else's post - tell your followers who your mentors are! Your post doesn't have to be fancy. The point is to share your ideas and point of view with your prospects and clients on a consistent basis.

  • Monday
  • #mondaymotivation
  • #mondaymorning
  • #mindfulmonday
  • #mondayfunday
  • #mondaymuse
  • Tuesday
  • #tuesdaytip
  • #tuesdaytruth
  • #tuesdayvibes
  • #transformationtuesday
  • #tuesdaytreat
  • Wednesday
  • #wednesdaywisdom
  • #wednesdayworkout
  • #wellnesswednesday
  • #wednesdaywords
  • #wednesdaynight
  • Thursday
  • #throwbackthursday or #tbt
  • #thursdaythoughts
  • #thursdayvibes
  • #thursdaymood
  • #thursdayfun
  • Friday
  • #feelgoodfriday
  • #fridayfeeling
  • #fridayfun
  • #fearlessfriday
  • #fridayflow
  • Saturday
  • #saturdaymorning
  • #saturdayfunday
  • #saturdaystyle
  • #saturdayshenanigans
  • #saturdayswag
  • Sunday
  • #sundaymorning
  • #sundaymood
  • #sundaybest
  • #sundayfunday


  • 1st: New Year’s Day. Are you making a resolution this year? What did you learn last year that will make this one even better? #NewYear2019
  • 4th: Trivia Day. Quiz your followers and give bragging rights to the one who answers the most trivia questions correctly. Use any subject you enjoy - sports, history, pop culture, TV, movies...the goal is to get people responding to your posts. #TriviaDay
  • 21st: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Don't let this inspirational holiday pass you by. Click here to see Google’s results for quotes from King and post your favorite. #MLKDay
  • 25th: Opposite Day. Normally wear blue? Try green! Normally order a tall coffee at Starbucks? Try a latte instead. And then post about it on social media. Challenge your followers to do something opposite, too. #OppositeDay
  • 31st: New Year’s Resolution Update. Ask your followers if they’re keeping up with their resolution. If you made a resolution, share your progress…be honest! #NewYearsResolution


  • 3rd: Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the biggest football game day in America – share your prediction on who will win! If you’re using a business or commercial account to post, call it “the big game,” “championship game,” or “championship Sunday” because of the NFL’s vigilance about their copyright. You can’t use the name if there’s any affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship implied. You can, however, use it through the “trademark fair use” doctrine if you’re not identifying any products or services.
  • 12th: Lincoln's Birthday. You can't go wrong with a quote from or story about Honest Abe. Click here to see Google's results for Lincoln quotes and pick your favorite. #LincolnsBirthday #HonestAbe
  • 14th: Valentine’s Day. You don’t need a sweetheart to celebrate this holiday. A friend or family member can be your Valentine, too! It’s also a good time to reshare content from the LifeHappens Insure Your Love campaign. #ValentinesDay
  • 24th: Academy Awards. And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...who? Make your predictions before the ceremony that night, and ask your followers what their favorite movies of the year are. #Oscars #AcademyAwards


  • 5th: Mardi Gras. Although this holiday began with religious connotations (the feast before Lent), it's now a time we can all celebrate. From parades to king cakes, there's a rich tradition of fun things to post about today. #MardiGras2019
  • 8th: International Women’s Day. This year's theme is "Balance for Better." Which women in your life have inspired you to be a better person? Give them a shout-out and ask your followers to do the same. #BalanceforBetter #IWD2019
  • 10th: Daylight Savings Begins. It's time to spring forward! Remind your followers to set their clocks forward one hour. To spur conversation, ask what they would have done with that lost hour, or what they're looking forward to most about more daylight in the evening. #SpringForward
  • 17th: St. Patrick’s Day. Post a picture of yourself wearing green! Or add some green décor to your office and shoot a quick cell phone video wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day. #StPatricksDay
  • 20th: Spring Begins. Spring is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. Post a picture of some new spring greenery in your backyard, or share how you feel about this time of year. Pick a spring cleaning tip, or share your favorite outdoor hobby. #SpringIsHere


  • 1st: April Fools Day. Today’s the day to have a little fun – but don’t scare your clients! Big companies often announce fake products or acquisitions. In 2018, Burger King pranked us with a dessert Whopper, and Netflix "acquired" Seth Rogen. How about announcing new life insurance coverage for zombies? Or suggesting indestructible superheroes like Deadpool get disability income insurance to help while they recover from being (almost) killed? Whatever you choose, have fun! #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay
  • 5th: National Walk to Work Day. If you live close to the office, why not make a quick smartphone video while you walk there today? Encourage your followers to do the same. Walking keeps you active and healthy, and healthy people pay less for life insurance! It's a win/win. #NationalWalkToWorkDay
  • 15th: Tax Day. Chances are some clients are feeling the stress of tax season. You could share a picture of something calming – a landscape, a cute kid, or a baby animal. If people are feeling the sting, ask them to come to you for insurance and financial solutions to make sure next year runs a little more smoothly! #taxes #TaxDay
  • 22nd: Earth Day. This year’s theme is “Protect Our Species.” It's all about protecting the species that are in danger of vanishing from our planet forever. has highlighted bees, giraffes, and coral reefs. Share your thoughts or photos and ask your followers to do the same. #EarthDay2018
  • 25th: National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Can take your child to work today? We hope so! If you’re comfortable sharing a picture of you together in the office, go for it. If you’re not, you could share a drawing your child made at work. For those who can’t take a child to work (or don’t have kids), do a Google search for “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work” and share one of the heartwarming stories you find. #TODASTW #takeyourchildtoworkday


  • ALL MONTH: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. The President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition and have teamed up to offer pre-written tweets for you – click here to get it. #GetActive
  • 4th: Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You). Today’s the day to drop your favorite Star Wars quote onto social media. Who’s your favorite character? What’s your favorite line? If you’re not a fan, you can ask your followers to share their favorite Star Wars moments. #StarWarsDay #MayThe4th
  • 12th: Mother’s Day. This one’s a no-brainer! Share a special message for your mom, and all of your partners and clients who are moms. Be sure to say thank you for everything they do – and show you appreciate how hard they work! #MothersDay
  • 27th: Memorial Day. Show your patriotic side by remembering those who gave their lives while serving in America’s military. If you have a friend or relative who died in combat, consider sharing their story. If you don’t, you can share what’s going on in your community – many have parades or ceremonies to honor local heroes. #MemorialDay


  • 3rd: National Donut Day. Bring a dozen donuts into the office today and share them with your staff. Don't forget to snap a pic and post it - and ask your followers what their favorite donut/donut shop is...or whether they spell the word "donut" or "doughnut." #NationalDonutDay #NationalDoughnutDay
  • 6th: D-Day, World War II. On this day in 1944, Allied troops launched a massive invasion of France from the beaches of Normandy. American troops landed on Omaha and Utah beaches. This is a great time to thank the men and women who fought for our country during World War II. #DDay #WWII
  • 16th: Father’s Day. Tell dads everywhere they’re appreciated! If you have a personal story to share about your dad, that’s ideal. If not, pick someone who acted like a father figure for you and thank them for what they add to your life. #FathersDay
  • 21st: Longest Day of the Year. This one’s also a no-brainer. Snap a picture of what you'll do with your time on the longest day. Ask your audience how they'll spend their time today. Bonus points for encouraging healthy habits like exercising and cooking a healthy meal, all steps that will help them stay fit and save on their life insurance. #longestday


  • 4th: Independence Day. What does freedom mean to you? You can share your thoughts, or post pictures you have of American landmarks. If you’ve ever visited Independence Hall, Mount Vernon, or a Revolutionary War battlefield, now’s the time to post and share your impressions and photos. #FourthOfJuly #July4 #IndependenceDay
  • 8th: National Video Game Day. What's your favorite video game? Today's the day to shout it out, or share a quick video of you playing it before heading to the office. Ask your followers to do the same. Don't play video games? Ask for recommendations. What's a good game for a non-gamer to get started with? #NationalVideoGameDay
  • 11th: Free Slurpee Day. Since 2002, 7-Eleven has been using this day (7/11) to give away one free small Slurpee per person. Stop by during the day and post a picture of your flavor choice. Tell your followers to get their free Slurpee and share their favorite flavor. #FreeSlurpeeDay
  • 17th: National Hot Dog Day. This one's easy - it calls for a picture of a hot dog with all your favorite condiments. Bonus points for a messy selfie of you eating said hot dog. Don't have a hot dog handy? Ask your followers about their favorite toppings and the best place to get a hot dog nearby. #NationalHotDogDay


  • 2st: National Coloring Book Day. Adult coloring books have become a publishing phenomenon over the past few years. This makes National Coloring Book Day appropriate for all ages! Coloring is a soothing way to de-stress, as well as express creativity. Today's the day to indulge and share a photo of your beautiful results. Don't have a coloring book handy? Here's a list of free coloring printables. #NationalColoringBookDay
  • 10th: National Lazy Day. Which chore are you happiest to give up? What’s your favorite thing to do on a lazy day? Share it! #LazyDay
  • 13th: Left Hander's Day. Are you a lefty? How about someone in your office or family? Give them some props today for enduring all those right-handed desks and notebooks. Only about 10% of the population is left handed. Famous lefties include Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Mahatma Gandhi, and Queen Elizabeth II. #LeftHandersDay
  • 21th: National Senior Citizens Day. Today's the day to celebrate our seniors! Ronald Reagan declared this day a holiday in 1988. We can celebrate by telling the seniors in your life how much they mean to you. How have they influenced you? Who, in particular, is responsible for your mindset, success, or positive attitude? #NationalSeniorCitizensDay


  • ALL MONTH: Fruits & Veggies - More Matters Month. The Produce for Better Health Foundation and have teamed up to offer an awareness kit, complete with pre-written tweets for you – click here to get it. #HealthyHabits
  • 13th: Friday the 13th. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, take advantage of it on social media. People think of Friday the 13th as a "bad luck" day...but is it? Share your experience. Or, if you're a horror movie fan, share your favorite quotes and moments from the Friday the 13th franchise. #Friday13th
  • 19th: Talk Like a Pirate Day. How did this happen? We’re not sure, but on this day every year now, people say things like “shiver me timbers” and “walk the plank.” It’s fun, it’s silly, and it’s easy to participate in. Click here for a pirate glossary and pirate name generator. #TalkLikeAPirateDay
  • 28th: National Neighbor Day. This one’s a fun one! Celebrate a neighbor in any way you want. It might be your next-door neighbor, or a business next to yours. Taking a bigger picture, how about celebrating one of America's neighbors? Whatever neighbor means to you, take a moment to celebrate the relationships that bind neighbors together. #NationalNeighborDay


  • ALL MONTH: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. and collaborating organizations have another awareness kit for you this month, complete with pre-written tweets for you – click here to get it. #BreastCancerAwareness #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth
  • 4th: World Smile Day. This one's super easy to participate in! Just smile, snap a selfie, and post it. Ask your followers to do the same. Smiling is contagious, and it can help lift a gloomy mood. Share those good vibes today! #WorldSmileDay
  • 12th: National Savings Day. Today is a great day to reach out to your social media followers, as well as your mailing list. It's a day to encourage them to take control of their finances. Ideas include setting up an automatic monthly transfer from checking to savings, checking their credit report, or getting a quote for an annuity. #NationalSavingsDay
  • 31st: Halloween. Show your followers your costume! Or your pet’s costume. Or your office’s spooky décor. If you’re not into photos, tell them a quick scary story, or a memory about Halloween from your childhood, or drop a quote from your favorite scary movie. #Halloween #Halloween2019


  • ALL MONTH: American Diabetes Month. and the American Diabetes Association have an awareness kit for the month that contains pre-written tweets. Click here to get it. #DiabetesAwarenessMonth
  • 1st: National Men Make Dinner Day. This is a day for men who fear the kitchen, or aren't very good at cooking (and don't do it often, as a result). It's about getting over the fear and the inconvenience to give the people in your life one home-cooked meal. Who in your life fits this description? Share the day with them, or tag them a week in advance so they have time to prepare. #NationalMenMakeDinnerDay
  • 11th: Veterans Day. Show your patriotic side! Share a message of thanks and appreciation for those who have fought to help keep our country free. You could also share local events your followers might be interested in, or interview a veteran if there’s one in your family or book of business who’d like to talk about their service. #VeteransDay
  • 28th: Thanksgiving. It’s that time of year again! Wish your clients a safe and happy holiday…and, if politics are too divisive in their family, give them a few topics to talk about instead, like life insurance!


  • 3th: National Day of Giving. After all the crazy spending we did on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, it’s time to put a little of that money to charitable use. Today’s the day to donate to organizations that help others – as little as $1 can make a big difference! Share ideas for places to donate, or ask your audience where they prefer to give. #GivingTuesday
  • 20th: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Today's the day to wear that ugly Christmas sweater and post a pic on social. Better yet, have an office "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest and have your followers vote on the winner! #UglyChristmasSweater
  • 24th/25th: Christmas Eve/Day. Wish your clients a safe and happy holiday! Share photos of your Christmas tree, office décor, or snowy weather outside. If you don’t want to share personal information, you can link to Google’s Santa Tracker. #MerryChristmas #Christmas2019
    • NOTE: You may also want to add Hanukkah (22nd-30th), Festivus (23rd) and/or Kwanzaa (26th-1st) to your posting schedule.
  • 31st: New Year’s Eve. Woo-hoo…out with the old and in with the new! Wish your clients a fantastic new year, and tell them you can’t wait to help them achieve their financial goals in 2020. #NewYearsEve

That’s our list of 2019 social media calendar starters!

Do you have any special occasions or holidays that have been a hit on social media? Tell us in the comments!