78% failed a quiz on retirement planning and Social Security

78% Failed a Quiz on Retirement Planning & Social Security

A new MassMutual poll quizzed near-retirees about Social Security – and 41% of respondents got an F. Here's how we can help change that result.
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Retirement & Estate Planning Roundup: New in 2023

Retirement & Estate Planning Roundup: New in 2023

Developments in retirement & estate planning (as well as life insurance) you can use to start a conversation about a client's insurance needs.
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March 2023 Sales Kit: Retirement Estate Planning

March 2023 Sales Kit: Retirement & Estate Planning

Our March 2023 sales kit will help you talk to clients and prospects about the role of life insurance in retirement & estate planning.
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March 2022 Sales Kit - Retirement & Estate Planning

March 2022 Sales Kit: Retirement & Estate Planning

Our March 2022 sales kit will help you start a conversation with clients about retirement & estate planning - a timely topic during a pandemic.
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March 2021 Sales Kit: Retirement and Estate Planning

March 2021 Sales Kit: Retirement & Estate Planning

Our March 2021 sales kit is all about retirement & estate planning. Includes marketing guides for you, client info, and a financial worksheet for both.
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How to Use Life Insurance Instead of a Stretch IRA to Transfer Wealth

How to Use Life Insurance Instead of a Stretch IRA

Your clients need solutions that do double-duty. Here's how to help your clients use life insurance instead of a stretch IRA for wealth transfer.
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Hand underlining 2014 Goals with red marker isolated on white.

New Year's Resolutions & Life Insurance

It's a safe bet that many of your clients' New Year's Resolutions involve money. Help them see how life insurance lets them keep those resolutions.
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Family of 4 opening Christmas presents.

The Benefits of Asset Maximization

You’ve explained the concept of maximizing assets to your client: take an unused asset, purchase an immediate annuity with it, then turn around and utilize the monthly annuity payments for the annual premiums on a life insurance policy. But maybe before you describe the “how,” it’s best to highlight...
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Grandfather and grandson fishing together.

Who is Asset Maximization For?

Asset Maximization is a great tool to increase the value of your client’s estate without seeing it taxed. But it’s not for everyone. Here, we’ll take a look at what the ideal candidate looks like and discuss how to approach clients and prospects about asset maximization. The ideal candidate for ass...
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Family meeting with a financial advisor.

How to Help Clients Maximize Assets

Not only does your client want to ensure they have enough funds to survive comfortably for the remainder of their living years, but they also want to leave a legacy to their children. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to transfer wealth to surviving family members. Humans live longer. Long-t...
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