Tips from MDRT Members: What Advisors Wish They Knew Sooner

In a recent episode of the MDRT podcast, we find out what advisors wish they knew sooner in their careers - get their tips here!
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Overcoming Objections: Price

Instead of arguing with a statement like "I can't afford it," here's how to get to the real issues and start overcoming objections to price.
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Call Reluctance: What It Is and How to Overcome It

Even experienced agents get call reluctance. Learn the 12 types of reluctance and their prevalence in insurance sales, plus how to overcome them.
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Selling Life Insurance to Foreign Nationals: Marketing Tips

Interested in selling life insurance to foreign nationals? One of the best places to start looking for prospects is within your own book of business.
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Selling Life Insurance to Foreign Nationals: Tax Implications

Foreign nationals and tax implications - it's a complicated situation that requires professional counsel. Here's a primer on what you need to know.
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Selling Life Insurance to Foreign Nationals: Eligibility

Selling life insurance to foreign nationals often generates larger than average premiums. Here's what you need to be aware of in terms of eligibility.
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So You Want to Be a Life Insurance Direct Marketer

We hear from a lot of agents who ask how to become a life insurance direct marketer. Many of these agents aren’t ready to make this leap - here's why.
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Increase Placed Cases. Earn up to 14% More Commission!

Are you leaving money on the table? Increase commissions by asking for cash with every app in the form of a TIA, or temporary insurance agreement.
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How to Close $74,280 in Life Insurance Sales in a Month

In October, we showed you how Goose and Maverick closed $100,000 in life insurance sales. Now, Goose is flying solo and breaking records on his own.
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How to Close $100,000 in Life Insurance Sales in a Month

To close 100,000 in life insurance sales in 30 days, you need the right tools and strategies - find out how two of our agents did it in this case study.
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