October 2021 Sales Kit: Vision, Dental, MedSupp

Our October 2021 sales kit helps you cross-sell additional product types to become your clients' one-stop insurance resource.
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August 2021 Sales Kit: Back to School

Our August 2021 sales kit helps you show parents what it costs to send a child to college - and how cash value life insurance can help.
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July 2021 Sales Kit: Financial Independence

Our July 2021 sales kit helps you cover two topics relating to financial independence: annuities and permanent life insurance.
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Women and Money: COVID’s Effect on Jobs, Retirement & More

The pandemic accelerated a trend with women and money that was already happening – and we need to take action to help reverse it.
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February 2021 Sales Kit: Give More Than Love

Our February 2021 sales kit is all about basic death benefit protection - and for clients who already have that, looking ahead to estate planning.
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January 2021 Sales Kit: Life Insurance as an Asset Class

Our January 2021 sales kit is all about life insurance as an asset class - show clients how life insurance helps create a balanced portfolio.
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December 2020 Sales Kit: Policy Review

In our December 2020 sales kit, you'll get all the information you need to plan a policy review strategy for your book of business.
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July 2020 Sales Kit - Financial Independence

Our July 2020 sales kit will help you show prospects and clients how cash value life insurance can help them achieve financial independence.
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How to Help the Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation is caring for kids and aging parents at the same time - and it's freaking them out. New details about what they need & how to help.
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The Rise of Instant Issue: Why & How to Sell It Now

Instant issue life insurance is more affordable than ever – and easier to sell. Here's what's made it a competitive choice...and how to sell it.
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