November 2021 Sales Kit: Long-Term Care

Our November 2021 Sales Kit will help you start a conversation about long-term care: what it is, what it costs, how to pay for it, and more.
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Industry Update: Washington State’s Long-Term Care Act

Here's what Washington state's long-term care act means for clients - and how to market to those who might be paying attention to LTC for the first time.
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The 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Clients Now

The 4 questions you should ask your clients now will help you start conversations about life insurance, disability, critical illness insurance, and more.
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November 2020 Sales Kit: Long-Term Care Insurance

Our November 2020 Sales Kit is all about long-term care. Find conversation starters, prospecting tips, ice-breakers, funding source ideas, and more.
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November 2019 Sales Kit: Long-Term Care

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month! In the November 2019 sales kit, you'll find conversation starters, client profiles, and more.
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Carrier Spotlight: New LTC Rider from Mutual of Omaha

You asked, they delivered - here's our look at the brand new Mutual of Omaha LTC rider, available for two of the company's IUL policies.
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LTC Marketing Done for You

Talking to clients about long-term care has never been easier, thanks to OneAmerica's LTC marketing done for you. Get campaign links & details in this post.
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What Your Prospects Really Think about Long-Term Care

A new Lincoln Financial survey provides insight into what prospects and clients really think about long-term care. It's good news for life/LTC hybrids.
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3 Ways to Find LTC Prospects with Insureio

The easiest way to find LTC prospects? Don't reinvent the wheel - mine your book of business for people who fit the ideal buyer profile.
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Your Ideal LTC Client Profile

First ,we brought your a Long-Term Care Awareness Month sales kit. Now, let's look at the ideal LTC client profile so you can target your outreach efforts.
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