Build a Stronger Business: Lessons from the MDRT Podcast

MDRT's top producers share tips on generating referrals, social media, and building long-lasting relationships with clients.
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Adapt, Improve, Excel: Lessons from the MDRT Podcast

During the pandemic, these producers have found new ways to market and connect with clients. What can we learn from them to apply to our businesses?
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Thriving in the New Normal: Lessons from the MDRT Podcast

The MDRT podcast offers some great strategies and tips for surviving and thriving in our new normal. Here are some of our recent favorites.
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What You Need to Know about the CARES Act

What does the CARES Act mean for you as a producer...and for your clients? We're sharing this excellent summary from NAIFA to help figure it all out.
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Giving Back Personally & Professionally with Mark Acre

In our action-packed interview with Mark Acre, we talked about climbing Kilimanjaro, giving back personally and professionally, NAIFA's value, and more!
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Tips from MDRT Members: What Advisors Wish They Knew Sooner

In a recent episode of the MDRT podcast, we find out what advisors wish they knew sooner in their careers - get their tips here!
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Tips for Talking about Disability Insurance from the MDRT Podcast

The MDRT Podcast gathered four producers to give tips for talking about disability insurance and income replacement with clients.
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NAIFA Life & Annuities Certified Professional

The NAIFA LACP Certification shows clients you meet the highest standards of professionalism in our industry. Get a discount code in this post!
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NAIFA Webinar: Tax Planning Opportunities for 2018

This April, we're talking about tax strategies and planning opportunities. Find out how to help your clients make the most of the recent tax code changes with two tax experts! Sign up now for the free NAIFA webinar on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 3 p.m. EDT! We're proud to bring you another free...
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NAIFA Webinar: Retirement Planning with Tom Hegna

Find out how to help your clients plan for a more secure financial future with one of the experts - Tom Hegna. Sign up for the free webinar now!
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FREE Webinar Series: “Grow Your Business with IUL”

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