May 2022 Sales Kit - Disability Insurance

May 2022 Sales Kit: Disability Income Insurance

Our May 2022 sales kit will help you start a conversation with clients about protecting their most valuable asset: their paycheck.
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April 2022 Sales Kit - Income Tax Planning

April 2022 Sales Kit: Income Tax Planning

Our April 2022 sales kit will help you start a conversation with clients about financial needs and tax planning using life insurance.
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March 2022 Sales Kit - Retirement & Estate Planning

March 2022 Sales Kit: Retirement & Estate Planning

Our March 2022 sales kit will help you start a conversation with clients about retirement & estate planning - a timely topic during a pandemic.
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February2022 Sales Kit - Give More Than Love

February 2022 Sales Kit: Give More Than Love

Our February 2022 sales kit will help you convince clients that now is the time to take action and put life insurance coverage in place.
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January 2020 Sales Kit: Life Insurance As An Asset Class

January 2022 Sales Kit: Life Insurance as an Asset Class

Our January 2022 sales kit shows you how to talk to clients about life insurance as an asset class - balance a portfolio, create retirement income & more.
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December 2021 Sales Kit - Asset Maximization & Charitable Giving

December 2021 Sales Kit: Asset Max & Charitable Giving

Our December 2021 sales kit hits two topics popular for year-end discussions: maximizing potentially underperforming assets and charitable giving.
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November 2021 Sales Kit - Long-Term Care

November 2021 Sales Kit: Long-Term Care

Our November 2021 Sales Kit will help you start a conversation about long-term care: what it is, what it costs, how to pay for it, and more.
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October 2021 Sales Kit - Vision Dental MedSupp

October 2021 Sales Kit: Vision, Dental, MedSupp

Our October 2021 sales kit helps you cross-sell additional product types to become your clients' one-stop insurance resource.
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September 2021 Sales Kit: Tax-Free Income

September 2021 Sales Kit: Tax-Free Income

Inflation and rising taxes threaten your clients' retirement. Our September 2021 sales kit helps you explain how they can get into that 0% tax bracket.
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August 2021 Sales Kit - Back to School

August 2021 Sales Kit: Back to School

Our August 2021 sales kit helps you show parents what it costs to send a child to college - and how cash value life insurance can help.
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