How to Create a Customer Journey Map

The easy way to create a customer journey map? Use our free template! It's based on a 3-stage cycle of suspect, prospect, buyer.
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The 21st Century Sales Funnel

When you understand the 21st century sales funnel, you know where to find your best source of leads - and how to market to them.
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4 eCommerce Sales Tactics You Can Use to Sell Insurance

Ever been jealous of how easy it is to sell a physical product online? Don’t be – here are 4 eCommerce sales tactics you can use to sell insurance.
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Selling in the COVID-19 Economy: 6 Problems and 3 Opportunities

Selling in the COVID-19 economy requires a better understanding of the economic issues at stake. From taxes to interest rates, here's a quick run-down.
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5 Ways to Support Clients During a Crisis

Compassion can win you business - especially now. Here's how to support clients during a crisis, as if being a good person weren't reason enough.
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Go Remote: Non-Med Carrier Options

Now's the time for non-med carrier options! We'll keep a running list here for you to refer to. Need help matching a client with a carrier? We can help.
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Overcoming Objections: Price

Instead of arguing with a statement like "I can't afford it," here's how to get to the real issues and start overcoming objections to price.
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Social Selling that Actually Works

A cold email or DM isn't social selling - it's just a fast-track being blocked or ignored. Social selling that actually works is all about providing value.
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Technology and Insurance: What Agents Need to Know...and Do

A lot of talk about technology and insurance uses the word "disruption." But technology is here to make your life as an agent easier. Here's how.
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How to Earn Your Client's Trust

We all know what trust means...or do we? A 20-question survey evaluates trustworthiness and the creators explain how to earn your client's trust.
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