6 Reasons to Talk about Annuities in 2021

Last year, we published “Six Reasons to Sell Annuities.” The good news? Those reasons are still valid - here are 6 reasons to talk about annuities in 2021.
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Six Reasons to Sell Annuities in 2020

Need a reason to sell annuities in 2020? From new products and features to new ways of thinking about longevity, here's your round-up of reasons to sell.
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2020 QLAC Limits Increased

Great news! 2020 QLAC limits were raised! They now allow your clients defer RMDs on an additional $5,000. Find out how and why in this post.
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A Client-Focused Way to Sell Annuities

What if there were an easier way to sell annuities? What if it meant taking yourself out of the conversation, at least to start with? Here's how to do it.
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Annuity Resources: A New Site to Help Educate Prospects

The Alliance for Lifetime Income has two websites you can use as annuity resources to help educate your clients and prospects.
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The Annuity to Sell Right Now: Lincoln MyGuarantee Plus

The easiest annuity to sell right now? Find out why it's the Lincoln MYGuarantee Plus annuity. Our Brokerage Manager Dave Cranfield chimes in.
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Product Spotlight: Buffer Annuities

Buffer annuities are making headlines, thanks to a 350% increase in sales from 2014 to 2017. Let's find out how they're different from indexed annuities.
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Tax Strategies for Your Clients in 2015 and Beyond

From 1040 overlay to reducing taxable income with a deferred annuity, here are some great tax strategies to go over with your clients for 2015 and beyond.
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Life Insurance Over 60

To help clients get life insurance over 60, it's best to look to a mix of life insurance and annuities to help them meet their financial goals.
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The Benefits of Asset Maximization

You’ve explained the concept of maximizing assets to your client: take an unused asset, purchase an immediate annuity with it, then turn around and utilize the monthly annuity payments for the annual premiums on a life insurance policy. But maybe before you describe the “how,” it’s best to highlig...
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