Last week, a former employee called to ask for a good time to stop by the office.

A few months ago, she went to work for a competitor, a direct marketer across town. When she told us she was leaving, we were bummed out. We knew we'd miss her, of course, but we wished her luck when she left and we threw her a potluck - we have some pretty epic potlucks. But when she called us back, she had a very specific reason for wanting to come by. She wanted to talk to us about cash value life insurance--specifically, her own IUL policy.

Have Fun + Value People = Make Money

Of course, we set up the appointment and said we'd be glad to see her. But we couldn't help asking - why aren't you doing this through your new employer?

She said they didn't know anything about IUL and couldn't help her.

As happy as we were to step in, this made us sit back and think for a minute. We're definitely doing something right if former employees come back to us for help and guidance because we know what we're doing. We understand the products, the carriers, the financial climate, and how to use all that information to create an insurance-based financial plan that works.

If you're looking for a partner, someone with deep knowledge of financial planning and experience applying advanced sales concepts to clients at every level of the wealth spectrum, call us. Let's talk about how we can help your clients just like we helped our former employee.

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