You're Invited to Our Advanced Sales Academy
Last Tuesday, we opened enrollment for our first-ever Advanced Sales Academy. Ten minutes later, we had more registrations than we could accommodate in a single session!

We’re sending a big thank-you to everyone who jumped at the chance to enroll. But as more registrations flooded our inbox, we realized this training was something lots of you wanted. So we’re opening up a second session to make sure everyone who wants to attend gets their chance.

The first session is now closed for new enrollment. It will take place on February 23 and 24 here in our office. We’ll be talking to participants to get their expectations, reactions, and feedback. We'll share as much of that as we can, so you can get a feel for what the Academy has to offer. Bookmark our blog or add it to your RSS reader to get all the latest updates.

Interested in Our Next Session?

We’ll be covering the same material in this session as in the first – there's more on that below. Here are all the details:

DATE: TBD - we're adding more sessions based on the number of sign-ups
PLACE: Pinney Insurance, Roseville, CA

FREE food & lodging – a $500 value
FREE one-year subscription to Insureio at the Standard level – a $600 value
FREE qualified life insurance leads – 20 leads from the Insureio Marketplace – a $500 value

BONUS one year of monthly mentor calls, one hour per month for 12 months. You won’t forget what you’ve learned or lose steam once you get home. Use these calls to ask specific questions, set long-term goals, brainstorm marketing ideas, and more.

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What We’ll Cover

As always, we’re focused on helping you streamline your workflow using technology. Here’s what we’ll go over:

  • Lead management process: urgency of contact and follow-up
  • Compelling sales scripts and objection-handling techniques
  • Defining and differentiating your value proposition
  • Effective quoting and product positioning
  • Daily best practice workflow: where and when to focus
  • Direct sales metrics: goals and benchmarking
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We hope to see you there!