Carrier Updates

Last Updated: August 16

American National

  • New York - Coverage Continuation Rider & UL Rate Enhancement. With the launch of Signature Guaranteed UL in New York 8/1, the Coverage Continuation Rider currently on Executive UL – NY will be phased out. Effective August 31, 2016, the Coverage Continuation Rider will no longer be available on new sales of Executive UL. The rider will continue to be available on Executive UL SI - NY for policies with a face amount of $100,000+ (Simplified Issue Worksite version only). Deadline: August 31, 2016 is the last date an application can be written for an Executive UL policy with the Coverage Continuation Rider.

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  • In-Force Rate Action - GA, MO, OK. As part of the strategy for our long-term care insurance business, we continue pursuing initiatives to improve the risk and profitability profile of our business, including premium increases on our in-force policies, as needed. In September 2013, we announced our intention to seek premium increases on certain Privileged Choice® and Classic Select® policies sold between 2003 and 2012. Subsequent to that announcement, we received approval for, and implemented, a 10.00% premium increase in Georgia. At the time, a larger increase was justified, based on projected experience, but rate stability requirements prevented us from requesting the fully justified amount. In 2016, we began requesting the full amount in states that previously allowed our 2013 ask. Georgia, Missouri, and Oklahoma have now allowed our requested increase, and the details of the implementation of this premium change are described in PDFs available at the link above.

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Lincoln Financial

  • Now Available – Lincoln VULONE (2014) – New Versions of Riders. Optimal No-Lapse Enhancement (ONE) Rider Effective August 8, 2016, there is a new version of the ONE Rider for use on Lincoln VULONE (2014) which is consistent with the Allocation Requirements language in Lincoln SVULONE (2016). To address potential equity volatility exposure, the new ONE Rider language states that Lincoln reserves the right to establish future investment restrictions in the form of maximum or minimum percentages of certain subaccounts as described in the prospectus. It is important to note that Lincoln is not currently imposing these restrictions on either Lincoln VULONE (2014) or Lincoln SVULONE (2016) and there are no benefit, pricing or compensation changes related to the new version of the ONE Rider.

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  • Annualized Target Premium to be Included for Pending Business. Effective Monday, August 15, Protective Life is excited to introduce enhancements to our pending feeds that will begin to display annualized target premium information. The annualized target premium for pending business will be displayed on, Agency Integrator and Smart Office. Annualized target premium will transmit as cases are updated throughout the day on Monday, August 15. As a reminder, annualized target premium can fluctuate as case parameters change and the value should not be considered "final" until the case has been placed inforce.
  • Correction to Products Available for Conversion. To help meet your clients' needs, Protective Life offers policyholders who own a qualifying* life insurance policy the ability to convert or exchange their policy to an eligible Protective Life permanent insurance option without providing evidence of insurability. Please click the link for a list of products available for conversion.

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