Are you still cold calling prospects? No judgment from us if you are, but the rules of the game have changed with the introduction of technology. Industry experts Ken Krogue and Kraig Kleeman have joined forces to bring you "The Art of Cold Calling." Read the description here for more information— "Step up your cold calling and prospecting efforts with this eBook by Kraig Kleeman, noted sales expert and Ken Krogue, President of You’ll discover:
  • The 7 rules of cold calling
  • 4 examples of cold calling best & worst practices
  • How to increase contact rates by 57.8% using PowerDialer™"
If you're interested in increasing your contact rate, download this free guide. But wait, there's more! Michael Pedone of recently provided a few tips on cold calling as well. Pedone suggests making calls when the time is right for you (assuming it's not super early or during a prospect's dinner time). The key is less about time and more about energy. He also proposes breaking up calls into first-time calls and follow-up calls, making those initial phone calls during a time in which you have the most energy.