How to Use Personal Experience as a Marketing Tool
Testimonials and client success stories are great marketing tools. They function as trust signals to new prospects, plus they can help set expectations. But what if you’re just starting out…or haven’t collected any testimonials yet?

As it turns out, your own personal and financial experience may be the best selling point you can offer.

Are You Taking Your Own Advice?

According to a 2018 report from the Financial Planning Association and Janus Henderson, at least a quarter (27%) of financial advisors have no business succession plan – even though that’s what most of us strongly recommend for clients who own businesses. What kind of message does that send to a prospect? Why should they take our advice if we haven’t followed it ourselves?

Now let’s expand that thought.

Think back to the days before you got into the business, before you had a life insurance policy. What made you take the plunge and buy your first policy? How did you feel once it was done? How have you benefited from having that coverage in place?

The bottom line is this…if you have life insurance, you’re already primed to create marketing materials with a powerful message. Let’s go over 3 ways to shape and share that message.

Idea #1: Create Your Personal Testimonial

Most website testimonials are text quotes or “talking head” quotes – a few sentences of text attributed to a person, with a photo for relatability.

Here’s an example of each:

Testimonial with photo, quote, attribution, and branding:

Testimonial image sample

Testimonial with quote and attribution:

Testimonial image sample