20 Conversation Starters to Help Break the Ice at Networking Events

Joining organizations such as MDRT and NAIFA are extremely beneficial for your business. Networking with peers allows you to learn from others, incorporating and implementing sales ideas, practice managements ideas, and more. But you can't just surround yourself with industry leaders. You actually have to, you know, talk to them too.

Here's how to break the ice and introduce yourself.


What is an Inbound Link

You may have heard that as an owner of a website, one way in which you build authority is to gain and build your inbound links. What is an inbound link? It's a link from another website that points back to yours. By clicking below, you can learn a more detailed description of inbound links, including two important reasons you need them, what high-quality inbound links look like, and how to begin building them.

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Stop with the "Just Checking In" Emails: Here's What to Do Instead

It's pretty likely you've sent this type of email: "Hey , just checking in..."

HubSpot has provided three alternative ways to help you ditch the checking in email and create a better approach. Want to see a few more examples of clever and effective emails? Check out what these six companies created.


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