Internet Marketing Ninjas is a full service Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services company. Each month, they send an e-newsletter containing the top SEO industry news. If you're doing any kind of SEO or social media work, the information and strategies provided can be helpful for your marketing campaigns. In this edition: How to Interact on Pinterest: Ann Smarty continues her look at how social media notifications work and how best to use them to your advantage for interacting with consumers. This is the third installment, with links to her prior articles on Twitter and Google-Plus included. Click here. How to Use Pinterest for Brainstorming: Have you ever needed to produce fresh content, but get stuck? Writer's block is awful. Pinterest is a fantastic resource for inspiring creativity and ideas. Learn how. Why Usability Matters to Search Engine Marketing: If your website isn't easy to use, then it's less likely to get ranked in search engine results. Learn more about usability here. Facebook Notifications Provide Social Engagement Opportunities: Similar to Ann Smarty's look at notifications, fellow IMN writer Deborah Anderson tackles Facebook. Learn why you should care about those notifications for engagement and opportunity purposes. Click here.