>Did you miss Jan’s presentation at the 2014 MDRT Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada?

If so, don’t worry. On June 5, 2014, Jan joined the Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast to discuss his background, his love of life insurance, the Pinney formula for success, and more great ideas.

Jan, a 40-year consecutive MDRT qualifier, shared his insights about the industry:

  • How Jan Got Into the Business (1:50)
  • How Jan Got Where He is Today (3:55)
  • Why Jan is in and Loves This Business (7:45)
  • The Four Steps to be Referable (10:05)
  • The Pinney Insurance Formula for Success (13:10)
  • Why Warren Buffet Bought Long-Term Care (17:15)
  • Why Pinney Gives Away Free Tools (20:05)
  • The Insurance Matrix Concept (22:10) *from Jan's MDRT 2014 presentation
  • Jan’s Thoughts on Indexed Universal Life (27:55)
  • Learn More About EZLife and Paperless Apps (30:50)
  • The Advantages of Partnering and Cross-Selling (33:50)

Key Quotes from the Podcast:

  • “I was married and had a daughter, so I bought life insurance because I love them and wanted to protect them.”
  • “I qualified for MDRT and it opened up my eyes for what is possible. I made $10,000 more than normal off one idea the first year there. Now I come back with at least one good sales idea a year.”
  • “I love this business and want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to purchase from a good agent. So we help agents be good at what they do and organized, by giving them tools to be successful.”
  • “We’re blessed with two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak.”
  • “Half of something is better than 100 percent of nothing.”

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