The month of September is Life Insurance Awareness Month for the insurance industry. The aim is to spread awareness about the magnitude and value of life insurance. However, tens of millions of Americans still put off getting life insurance coverage until it’s too late.

While it may be “LIAM” for our industry, it is also Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month for the rest of the world.

According to the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research, 30-50,000 people receive bone marrow transplants worldwide for treatment toward cancers like leukemia. As much as we'd love one, there is no cure for leukemia or lymphoma, yet.

The truth is, cancer can strike anyone at anytime.

Preparation is one of the best strategies available, and it’s never too early.

In the popular AMC television show Breaking Bad, main character Walter White is diagnosed with lung cancer. Stemming from financial fears, he turns to a life of crime which involves producing and selling illegal drugs in hopes of accumulating enough funds to take care of his family after his passing.

No one should have to turn to such drastic measures.

September also saw the start of the football season. So continuing the pop culture references, a particular sports saying seems to align with a particularly beneficial approach when it comes to life insurance: “a strong defense is the best offense.”

In this case, life insurance won’t defend our clients from getting leukemia or lymphoma, unfortunately; However, it can provide defense against financial struggles for the rest of their team (aka, the family). Obtaining a life insurance policy allows the policy owner to focus on other, more important things such as spending what time they have left with their children and family, traveling, and living life without financial worry.

It’s also unfortunate, but once an individual is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it is extremely difficult, if not near impossible, to acquire a life insurance policy.

There’s not much we can do to help our clients avoid cancer outside of encouraging healthy lifestyles. There is something we can do to help them avoid leaving their family with financial hardship.

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