LIAM: The Who, What, Why, How & More
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! If you haven't participated before, it's an industry-wide awareness event started by Life Happens (formerly the LIFE Foundation).

Every year, Life Happens helps producers promote the benefits of life insurance. LIAM, as it's called, generates a wave of publicity from brokers, agents, carriers, and a Life Happens celebrity spokesperson. Use it to help people understand how valuable - and affordable - life insurance can be.

What does that mean?

Now is the time for action. Now is our industry’s designated month to coordinate efforts and spread awareness about the importance of life insurance. This month, we're teammates, not competition. We have one common goal: protect the surviving members of a family from financial burden if they lose a loved one.

Why join the effort?

Because there are some alarming figures out there. They show that many Americans aren’t taking this benefit seriously, or just don’t understand it. In fact, only 41% own an individual policy. Yet, over 90% recognize it as an important asset.

Who needs it?

Everyone needs life insurance—literally. There's no reason not to own a life insurance policy. Married people can protect a spouse and kids from a drastic income reduction. Life insurance alleviates debt and leaves funds for survivors. Single individuals with no children need it for similar reasons—to guarantee their debts don't burden family members.

Alternatively, a permanent policy provides even more financial benefits. Retirees can use their cash value for income. Parents can use this for college tuition. Your clients can use it for an emergency, a vacation, and so on. It's flexible, has tax advantages, too.

How can you get involved?

First and foremost, accept the calling right now. There’s plenty of time left! You don't have to sign up. All you have to do is make the commitment to participate. Second, start spreading awareness about the numerous benefits of life insurance. If you haven’t accessed the wonderful resources provided by Life Happens, check them out. You’ll find flyers, PSAs, Q&A documents for emailers, merchandise, calculators, infographics, and much more!

Overwhelmed? Don’t be!

Use this video courtesy of Life Happens to get the ball rolling with potential clients. Good luck, and enjoy spreading the knowledge.

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