Go Remote: Non-Med Carrier Options
Last week, we brought you tips on taking your agency online so you can work - and thrive - in these unsettling times. This week, we have a list of carriers with accelerated underwriting programs to help get your clients covered without the need for a medical exam.

Keep track of the latest responses to COVID-19 from carriers and other industry partners and providers. Click here to download our spreadsheet.

Last updated: June 1, 2023.

With so much uncertainty about the economy and the spread of COVID-19, taking action feels good. And it feels even better to take action from the comfort of our own homes, without exposing ourselves or our loved ones to additional risk. That's why now is the perfect time for non-med policies.

While full medical underwriting is still a possibility, there may be delays in administering the exam, as well as processing the results and completing the underwriting process. Plus, if you have clients who are nervous about letting someone into their house, non-med policies solve that problem for everyone. Not only are they faster to apply for, but they're faster for the carriers to process - and everyone can stay safely quarantined during the process. That's a win/win.

What You Should Know about Non-Med Carrier Options

Keep in mind that not all of the carriers listed below are 100% no-exam, but they're a great place to start. Non-med policies also have a few limitations - face amounts are often lower, and issue ages may be limited. An underwriter will still review your client's application and, based on their answers, may request further information from their doctor or ask for an exam to be completed at a later time. However, if your client meets program guidelines and is relatively healthy, there's a good chance their app will sail through.

That's good news for us, because we're fully remote, fully staffed, and ready to process your business. We offer several eApplication processing options, all available within Insureio:

  • Our ATeam (they're the best - seriously)
  • iGo
  • ApplicInt
  • Carrier-based processes

We may be biased, but we highly recommend our ATeam's concierge-level application fulfillment service. They've been doing remote interviews and helping clients sign their apps over the phone for more than 15 years! Of course, you can still use iGO, ApplicInt, or carrier-direct processes if you prefer.

Need help with non-med products?

We're here to help! Give us a call at 800-823-4852 and ask to speak to a brokerage manager, or drop a comment below and we'll have a brokerage manager reach out to you.

Now, without further ado, here's a handy list of non-med carrier programs. For more detail on most of these programs, see this spreadsheet.

Non-Med Carrier Options

Carrier Program Face Amount Age
Accordia Fast Lane Accelerated UW Up to $1 million 18-50 (up to 55, $500k; up to 60, $250k)
Allianz Accelerate UW Program Up to $3 million 18-60
Anico Xpress Plus Up to $1 million (51-60, up to $500k) 18-60
Assurity Accelerated UW Up to $500k 0-85 (61-85 up to $100k)
Cincinnati Life Rapid Review Accelerated UW Up to & including $1 million 18-50
Corebridge Agile Underwriting Up to & including $2M 18-59
Equitable Easy Underwriting Up to & including $2 million 18-60
Pan-American Life Insurance Company Real-Time Term Up to $500k 16-70
Fidelity Life Rapidecision Life & Express Up to $1 million 18-65
Foresters Non-Medical UW & Accelerated UW Up to $1 million 18-55
Gerber Simplified Underwriting Up to $300k 25-70
Global Atlantic Fast Lane Program Up to $1 million (51-55, up to $500k; 56-60, up to $250k) 18-60
John Hancock ExpressTrack Up to $3 million 18-60
Legal & General (Banner) APPcelerate Up to $2 million 20-50 (41-45, up to $750k; 46-50, up to $500k)
Lincoln Financial LincXpress (not in NY) Up to $2.5 million 18-60
MassMutual Fluidless Eligible Underwriting Program (all term & individual whole life) Up to and including $1 million 17-50
National Life EZ Underwriting Up to $1 million Age 18-60
Nationwide Intelligent Underwriting Any w/in product guidelines - up to $5 million Any w/in product guidelines - 18-50 (51-60, up to $1 million)
North American Write Away Up to $2 million Age 18-50 (51-60 up to $500k)
Pacific Life Pacific Accelerated Life+ (PAL+) Up to $3M in PL Promise Term 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30-year level premium periods Age 18-60; up to 70 if physical w/labs in last 12 mos.
Penn Mutual ACE Up to $5 million Age 20-65
Principal Accelerated Underwriting (business cases only) Up to $5 million 18-60 (18-40, up to $3M; 41-60, up to $2.5M, VUL only ages 20-60, up to $5M)
Protective Protective Life Underwriting Solution Up to $1 million 18-60 (46-60 up to $500k)
Prudential PruFast Track Up to $3 million 18-60
Sagicor Whole Life & IUL Up to $1 million 16-65
SBLI AcceleRate Up to $1,000,000 (as of August 14, 2023) 18-50
Securian WriteFit Up to $3 million 18-60 (51-60, up to $1 million)
Security Mutual Life SMLXpress Underwriting Up to $1 million 18-60
Symetra Accelerated Underwriting Program (permanent products only - for term, see Swift Term below) Up to $3 million 18-60 (51-60, up to $2 million)
Symetra Swift Term Up to $3 million 20-60
Transamerica Available for Trendsetter Super Series & LB, Financial Foundation IUL & Lifetime Up to $2 million 18-70*
United of Omaha Accelerated Underwriting Up to $2 million 18-60

*Click here for their Insurance Updates page.

Need help with non-med products?

We're here to help! Give us a call at 800-823-4852 and ask to speak to a brokerage manager, or drop a comment below and we'll have a brokerage manager reach out to you.

That's our quick look at non-med carrier options!

Which of these is your go-to? Or do you know of a carrier we need to add to the list? Tell us in the comments!