Sell More Life Insurance with a Better BGA: A Pinney Insurance Success Story
How can we help you sell more life insurance? We dedicated a whole page on our site to answering this question, but now we have something to add! Finding a good BGA can be hard. To earn your business, we strive to add value at every step of the process. Here’s how we recently improved the onboarding process for new agents to make it even easier to sell more life insurance online, in person, or by phone.

Our amazing A-team handles applications for our partner agents. This gives you more time to sell, while we follow up with clients to complete and process their life insurance applications. The A-team has always done a great job, and they’ve got their workflow down pat. But when new agents joined our team, sometimes they got an overwhelming amount of information about our systems and processes.

We knew there had to be a better way – so we set out to find it.

Our New & Improved Agent Onboarding Process

In May, we implemented a new onboarding process. It made each step in the application fulfillment sequence as simple as possible for our agents. Here's what our process entails:

Application Stage: Our A-Team Reaches Out

Once you submit your first case, you’ll talk to Candi Brundage, our Application Division Manager, or Amber Stewart, our Team Lead. Candi and Amber will call and explain exactly what happens as our team members contact your client, complete the application, and schedule their exam. They’ll answer your questions and send you a follow-up email, with these processes spelled out in detail. There may be times we need to contact you regarding a client’s application. If so, this handy reference sheet will show you where we are in the process, and what we’ve done up to that point.

Sell More Life Insurance with a Better BGA: Our Application Division Manager, Candi Brundage, and our Team Lead, Amber Stewart

Submitted-to-Carrier Stage: Meet Our New Business Team Members

Once your client signs the application and we submit it to the carrier, we introduce you to the folks you’ll be hearing from as your client’s case moves forward. Amber Alberts, our New Business Manager, or Mary Ellen Meteer, our Case Manager Supervisor, will give you a call and introduce themselves. They’ll explain our case management process, as well as let you know who your dedicated case manager will be. They’ll also send you a follow-up email with our process spelled out for reference.

Sell More Life Insurance with a Better BGA: Our New Business Manager, Amber Alberts, and our Case Manager Supervisor, Mary Ellen Meteer

Submitted-to-Carrier Stage: Your Dedicated Case Manager Provides Customized Updates

Now that Amber and Mary Ellen have introduced themselves and your case manager, it’s time to get down to business. Your case manager will call to say hello and ask about your preferences for receiving case updates. You can also specify how you want the policies delivered to your clients. You can get updates via calls, texts, emails, or by logging into our system 24/7. We’ll do whatever works best for you.

We Guarantee: Online status reports for pending cases, available 24/7, 7 days a week. Call us at 800-823-4852, 8 am - 5 pm PT, M - F, and you'll talk to a live person

The Result: Satisfied Clients

So far, this process has been a huge success! Our newest partner agents complimented our team, and are excited to do more business with us. Here are a few of the words of praise that made their way back to our team members:

  • “I want to give you a big thank you Candi & Andy and all the staff at Pinney. I know it can be tough at times but I appreciate all you do … ”
  • “You’re amazing, Renee. You answered my query almost before I sent it. I have got to do more life with Pinney.”
  • “Terri has been absolutely killing it with our apps … Actually, all the girls that have been dedicated to us are killing it too.”
  • “I was doing a follow-up on this case, and noticed a response from the c[ase] m[anager] to the brkr's office, regarding clients concerns/comments on the underwriting of their file, and just wanted to acknowledge how well she handled and worded her response there … GOOD JOB!”
  • “I just wanted to send an email to say thank you … I truly appreciate you and your team for making the extra efforts and for your patience and understanding.”
  • “Thank you Sarah. You are definitely one of the most conscientious, efficient professionals that I have encountered!”
  • “I just wanted to thank you for letting me have Patti as my case manager. She is great. She always goes the extra mile to get my cases approved and I know my clients and I really appreciate her help. I feel so lucky to have her on my team and just wanted to express what a great job she does … There are so many cases she has done an amazing job on and I can’t tell you all the help she provides.”

Of course, when someone compliments our team, we tell the world! We’re proud of everything they do to support you and help you sell more life insurance.

Let us help you write more cases, spend less time on paperwork, process business faster, and make more money.

Meet a Better BGA

Our agents tell us that no other BGA does what we do for them. Let us help you sell more life insurance by showing you what makes us different! From our people to our service guarantee, we have so many reasons why we can't wait to welcome you aboard.

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