September 2020 Sales Kit: Tax-Free Income

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Our September 2020 sales kit is all about helping you start a conversation about tax-free income.

Taxes are clearly on everyone's mind. With the upcoming election, numerous political attack ads are trying to scare viewers with claims about rising taxes. This only adds to fears our clients already had about taxes, thanks to rising government debt. All those COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts? They cost money. And without the usual influx of payroll taxes, the government's budget is taking an even harder hit. The end result? Everyone knows our government is going to need lots of money in the future, and taxes are an easy way to get it. This kit will help you start talking about these issues and point your clients toward solutions like cash value life insurance.

What’s in the Kit

September 2020 Sales Kit: Tax-Free Income

Our FREE 34-page kit includes:

  • 3 pages of shareable social media images, sized for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • 3-page discussion guide
  • 1 page of resources for more info, facts, and stats
  • 2 sample client emails
  • 4-page sales strategy: The 0% Tax Bracket
  • 18-page 2-part client guide to wealth strategies used by the top 25%
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How to Use This Month’s Sales Kit

We've given you lots of ways to get the conversation started, and lots of tidbits and scripting to use if you need them. The social media images in the kit will help you pique a prospect's interest. We've also got two outreach emails you can use, along with a conversation guide and a 2-part consumer guide. Use them in any order, however you like.

The consumer guide explains how the top 25% of earners in the country use different strategies to protect and grow their wealth. It walks consumers through the "buckets" metaphor for money - taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free. Finally, in the second part, it explains how IUL policies can help them achieve multiple financial goals, including creating tax-free retirement income. Once you have the client's interest, you can take them deeper into conversation about specific IUL policies, carriers, ratings, and all that good stuff.

Need help with illustrations or selecting the right product?

Our Brokerage Managers, Dave and Sheryl, can help. They have incredible depth and breadth in terms of product knowledge. Call 800-823-4852 and ask for a brokerage manager, or click the button below to email us!

Insureio Subscribers: Use Our New September Email Marketing Campaign

Are you an Insureio subscriber? If so, you have access to a brand new pre-written marketing campaign for September. It includes four emails for your clients and prospects, pre-scheduled for delivery throughout the month.

These four emails go through specific concepts that we also cover in the sample emails and consumer guide in this kit. They cover subjects including the potential for rising taxes, the zero percent tax bracket, how wealthy people protect and grow their money, and an introduction to IUL. As always, there's no discussion of a specific product - these are general educational emails designed to pique interest rather than sell a product.

September 2020 Sales Kit: Tax-Free Income

To preview the campaign:

  • From your left-hand nav menu in Insureio, hover over Marketing and then click Marketing Campaigns.
  • Scroll down and click September Newsletter Series: Tax-Free Income (Monthly Focus Topic). You'll see the list of four pre-scheduled emails. To see what a template looks like, click any of the blue template title links. The template will open up in a new browser tab.

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September 2020 Sales Kit: Tax-Free Income

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