Your clients have life insurance which protects their family from financial disruption if they die. But what about insurance that keeps them healthy while they’re living?

As insurance professionals we encourage all of our clients to live as healthy of a life as possible. This includes physical health and mental well-being. Unfortunately, many individuals skip things like dental and vision insurance, which will keep them healthier, longer.

Things like eyeglasses and braces can get expensive. Cost is typically the biggest deterrent for buying products.

But dental and vision insurance can help.

It should be fairly obvious why having good vision is a great idea, especially as we age. The longer we can maintain our eyesight, the better. The same can be said for good dental health. But because of the costs, many Americans choose to skip getting the care they need.

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly 40% of Americans over 40 do not get their eyes checked because of cost or no insurance. Another 35% haven’t even thought about it. Price and a lack of knowledge shouldn’t stop anyone from the ability to see.

With a healthy set of eyeballs, the ability to do more increases. Dependency on others lessens, and these things combined provide for more confidence and happiness. After all, healthy individuals are happier individuals.

When it comes to teeth, the statistics are even more alarming.

Over 100 million Americans skip the dentist because they can’t afford it. But poor dental health can lead to tooth decay, or worse, heart disease. From gum disease to strokes, it’s incredibly important to visit the dentist regularly to avoid being hit with negative life-changing effects.

Vision and dental insurance might very well be just as important as life insurance.

If they don’t already have it through the workplace, help your clients obtain vision and dental. For a small monthly payment, they’ll have help paying for costly eye exams, dental x-rays, and much more. Who knows—with your help, a client might finally be able to get the contacts they’ve yearned for or a simple teeth cleaning. And that just might save their life.

Not sure who needs it?

Start with everyone that owns a set of teeth and a pair of eyes. That should narrow it down.