EBA has chosen 10 Rising Stars in Advising, all in their 30s or younger, to include in a profile featured on their website. These advisors were selected from across the nation, chosen for their leadership ability, sales talent, and their knowledge of how to adapt to an industry that’s constantly changing.

Pinney congratulates Brokerage Director Nickelle Leist on being selected!

Nickelle’s profile details the circumstances of her coming to the insurance industry. She started out in sales and marketing for a small financial planning company in San Francisco. She joined NAIFA, where she met Ryan and Jan Pinney. Now, with Pinney Insurance, she works with employee benefits advisers to maximize the supplemental insurance coverage those advisers offer to their small group clients.

Nickelle credits two strategies for her success: seeking out mentors, and finding one “win” per day. Both strategies help her keep a positive attitude and forward momentum as a rising star in advising.

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