At Pinney Insurance Center, we don’t have a typical Mission Statement.  Instead we have what we call a “Formula for Success,” and it goes like this.

Have Fun + Value People = Make Money

It’s a simple belief, but it’s one that we live by. In fact, this is such an important concept to us that we encourage everyone on our team to keep a copy of it in their work space. But it’s not just words to look at. You have to understand the meaning.

Have Fun

If you’re going to work at Pinney Insurance Center (or with us), we want you to have fun. This idea should apply to everyone, no matter what field they’re in. Life is too short to do something you don’t want to do, so finding enjoyment in your work is a must.

We want to surround ourselves with fun, upbeat, positive people with a can-do attitude.

For life insurance brokers, specifically, if you’re not having fun selling, then why on earth would anyone want to buy from you? On the other hand, it’s a mistake to fake it because your clients will see right through you.

At the end of the day, everyone is a lot happier if you love what you do!

Value People

Before you get frustrated with the client who is late to respond, cancels a meeting, or worse, stands you up without the courtesy of cancelling, take a step back. You have no idea what is going on in their lives at this very moment. It could be anything, and it could be terrible.

When it’s relevant, I like to share a particular point-making story I remember reading in 7 Habits of Highly Successful People years ago. It goes something like this:

A man and his three children are riding the bus. While his mind is consumed with thoughts, his children run around the bus and make quite a bit of noise. The rowdy children and seemingly absentee father irritate many on the bus and finally one patron decides to speak up. He tells the father that he needs to pay more attention and get his children under control.

The father apologizes and shares the fact that they are on their way home from the hospital where his wife just passed away.

“I’m sorry, I guess I was just lost in memories and the kids were handling their grief their own way.”

Now, imagine how that entire bus felt knowing what they know now. There is no way anyone on that bus could have possibly known the man’s circumstances. This is why we believe it is wise to give everyone we meet, know, and work with the benefit of the doubt. Then go one step farther and endeavor to be a positive influence for them.

Make Money

Yes, making money is a necessary part of any business or else the business wouldn’t stay in business. But if you think it’s just about making money for yourself or your company, you’re only halfway there.

Making money personally is great, but we also want to make money for our employees, our brokers, and for the clients they work with. That’s why we try to offer the most competitive rates, the best performing products and the most favorable underwriting for every application we receive regardless of our compensation.

The bottom line is this: if you don’t worry about money, then you’ll have plenty of money.


Because if you take care of people, they’ll take care of you. This brings me to my final point.

Be Referable

We all know that referrals make our jobs easier and more enjoyable. Amazingly, there are really four things that separate the referable from everyone else and they are simple things we all can control.

First, be on time. This includes returning calls and answering emails and texts on a timely basis. My personal goal is to respond to all within 24 hours at the latest, the same day received if possible.

Second, do what you say you will do. If you make a commitment, do it. Everyone values dependability.

Third, finish what you start. Would you refer someone who is a quitter or who lacks commitment?

Finally, say please and thank you. Pay attention when you are shopping. Many people who are stuck in menial jobs are stuck there because they don’t have the basic manners of thanking others for services rendered or for purchasing their product.

Putting It Together

So have some fun, value all the people in your life, work to become referable, and you'll never have to worry about making money.