If you’ve ever looked online for an application fulfillment solution, you’ve probably seen the Google results – they’re full of software systems promising a user-friendly experience that automates your sales process. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

These types of software usually offer a carrier form interface that helps you produce more in-good-order applications. But there’s a catch – you have to buy this software, install it, learn how to use it, and teach your support staff how to use it. Wasn’t the whole point of finding an app fulfillment solution to save time?

While it’s true that software is part of the solution, we don’t think it’s the whole solution. Software definitely has some advantages, including things like a simple 1-page app accepted by multiple carriers. But there’s still a human element that needs to be included. Someone needs to call the client and collect or verify their app information. Someone needs to follow up if any of the information they submitted is incomplete or incorrect. Someone needs to follow that app through underwriting and keep all parties informed when an offer comes through. Software can’t handle that part of the process for you. But a team of dedicated application processing specialists can. That’s exactly what we offer as part of our application fulfillment services.

Insurance App Fulfillment + First-Rate Customer Service

It's our goal to provide your clients with a seamless customer service experience. We work on your behalf to complete the back-office paperwork so you have more time to sell - it's as simple as that. We use the same e-application and e-signature technology that make pricey software systems so appealing – but with a human touch that makes your clients feel well taken care of. If there's an underwriting issue, our in-house underwriter will analyze your client's options and work to find a solution. If your client needs a custom solution that's more complex than a standard term policy, our brokerage directors will work with you and your client to cover a business, create a trust to own the policy, or implement another creative solution to meet your client's needs. When you work with use, we offer three different case submission options:

  • Application Only. If you choose this process, you make the sale, conduct a discovery interview, screen the client’s health, provide a financial analysis, provide quotes, and complete an application form. We take care of everything else on your behalf, including communication with the client, carrier, and vendors (such as the medical examiner). There is no split of the sale or compensation for this service.
  • Referral Only. If you choose this process, you provide a basic quote to your client (no health screening required) and then refer the client to us, your “life insurance division.” On your behalf, we conduct a needs analysis, screen your client’s health, provide quotes, complete the required forms, and take care of everything else directly with the client, carrier, and vendors. In this option, sales and compensation are split 50/50.
  • Both. You can also choose between these two methods on a case-by-case basis.

We've already talked about the benefits to using an application fulfillment partner, and the specific reasons we hope you partner with us. To learn more or get started, contact us today!

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