There is a huge opportunity for cross-selling and cross-marketing products and services right at your fingertips—e-mail taglines. Taglines can provide a consistent, passive way to solicit additional business, increasing your customer retention and growing your bottom line. From marketing emails to service or informational ones and everything in between, using taglines is a quick and effective way to let your customers and prospects know what you do in general, and more importantly, what you can do to help them specifically.

Just add them underneath your signature block!

Don’t know how to create a signature block? No problem! Read the step-by-step guide here.

Now that you know how to create custom signature blocks and taglines and insert them into e-mails, let’s get specific and talk about how to use them to your advantage for cross-selling and building new business. There are three easy steps:

  1. Come up with at least a dozen different custom taglines which tout your different services.
  2. Switch out your tagline once a month at the minimum so that your clients and prospects see fresh new content.
  3. See above link for creating and inserting tagline into e-mails.

Easy process, right?

Next up, if you’ll recall, we wrote about Standardizing, Systematizing, and Automating. This process definitely applies to custom taglines.

  • Standardize the tagline. Be sure everyone in your office or everyone who works for you has the same tagline on their emails. This way, the message is the same no matter who the prospect receives it from.
  • Systematize the message. Create that checklist—or in this case goals—of what you want your tagline to do for you. Once you have that system in place, you can check results to see which taglines are working for you.
  • Now automate. Create those 12 taglines, add them into your e-mail campaigns and schedule the rest to free you up to do other, more important tasks.

So how do you specifically use them to cross-sell?

Well, think about this: I’m a prospect and you send me an e-mail about auto insurance, which I already have, but your tagline says “Life insurance quotes in less than 90 seconds? No problem!” I don’t own life insurance yet, but it’s good to know my agent can help me with a multitude of coverage plans. You can use e-mail to cross-market all of your services.

Here are a few examples to give you an idea of where or how to get started:

  • “Save percent on your life insurance – click here.”
  • “Don’t forget, we also sell life insurance.”
  • “Ask me about guaranteed retirement income.”
  • “Learn how to protect your income in case of injury.”

If you offer a variety of services, you should be cross-marketing and cross-selling one or all of them every time you send an e-mail.