December 2019 Carrier Updates

December 2019 Carrier Updates

Last Updated: December 30


  • Do your clients qualify for an upgrade?. Our expanded term conversion period and improved conversion credits make it a great time to consider converting term clients to permanent UL.
  • Why let a term policy end when there is the option to extend?. Give clients the opportunity to convert their Select-a-Term policy into permanent life insurance without going through additional underwriting. Protection Extend IUL offers the benefits of traditional universal life, plus the potential for greater growth in policy value AND the ability to access funds while living.
  • Introducing Protection Extend IUL: New Term Conversion Product. Effective December 9, 2019, Protection Extend Index Universal Life, issued by American General Life Insurance Company (AGL) will be available. Protection Extend IUL will replace AG Extend IUL, which will no longer be available after December 13, 2019. This new product, designed on the 2017 CSO Mortality Tables, provides clients with longer guarantees, new features and more index options. It is approved in all states except Vermont and New York. New York is pending approval.

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  • Meeting Clients’ Needs with Term + Perm Solution. Customers are looking for more affordable options when it comes to protecting their financial futures. Current products don’t always meet their needs. Click the link above to see a comparison of term (OP Term 40) vs. perm (GUL), and a term/perm solution (OP Term 40 + GUL) in comparison.

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Cincinnati Life

  • Life News Release: 2 New Products Available. Effective December 7, you can now offer your clients flexible, permanent universal life insurance protection with Cincinnati Life's new Heritage UL and Pivot UL products. These new products replace Simplicity UL and are now available for quoting through WinFlex Illustration System.

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John Hancock

  • 15 million reasons you should be selling John Hancock Aspire. There are nearly 15 million Americans living with diabetes who either don’t have enough life insurance, or don’t have any coverage at all. We created John Hancock AspireTM to help address this protection gap -- because people living with diabetes deserve an affordable solution that’s designed for their unique needs. Aspire offers your clients tremendous value, including: life insurance protection, up to 25% in premium savings, access to a state-of-the-art diabetes management program, and an enhanced version of John Hancock Vitality to support the day-to-day diabetes journey.
  • Vitality GO — now available to existing clients!. We’re offering Vitality GO to existing clients at no additional cost because we believe life insurance should help people live longer, healthier lives. While Vitality GO does not impact premium or policy performance, it can help your clients live healthier and earn rewards along the way. For instance, using the program's easy-to-use mobile app and website, your Vitality GO clients can access high-quality nutrition and fitness resources, set and work towards personal health goals, and earn discounts to, REI and other retailers. The introduction of Vitality GO gives you a great opportunity to reconnect with existing clients, build relationships and grow your life insurance business. Check out the following timing of the Vitality GO roll-out:
    • Eligible clients with policies issued on or after 1/1/09 can learn more and request to add Vitality GO to their policy by visiting
    • Eligible clients with policies issued prior to 1/1/09 will be able to add Vitality GO to their policy in 2020. Clients may call 888-333-2659 and request to be notified when Vitality GO is available
  • The new Accumulation VUL: protect today, build for tomorrow. For life insurance clients who want strong growth potential along with financial protection, show the value of the new Accumulation VUL, which includes: (a) Strong cash value accumulation and retirement income potential, (b) Two new indexed accounts, giving your more conservative VUL clients the potential for reduced volatility with downside protection, (c) Broad, diversified portfolio offerings including the option of automatic diversification through our Lifestyle and Managed Volatility Portfolios, and (d) The opportunity to earn additional cash value and rewards by living a healthier life with John Hancock Vitality.
  • Benefit Better microsite. With unemployment at an all-time low, now is the time to talk to small business owners about opportunities to retain and reward key employees with innovative benefit strategies.
  • Take your accumulation sales to the next level: New Accumulation IUL. John Hancock’s new Accumulation IUL is more competitive than ever - offering unmatched retirement income potential. And we’ve added two new Indexed Account options, giving your clients even more flexibility as they select an approach that best meets their investment strategy and goals.

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  • New Nationwide Survivorship IUL. Nationwide Survivorship IUL launched on December 9, 2019. The new product is available in all states except NY, MT, CA, PR, and the Virgin Islands. It will replace Nationwide YourLife No-Lapse Guaranteed SUL II and Nationwide YourLifeSurvivorship VUL products. Click here to view the product overview.
  • CareMatters II now available in Indiana and North Dakota. CareMatters II available in Indiana and North Dakota on December 9, 2019. CareMatters II is a flexible, competitively-priced linked-benefit universal life policy that offers clients: (a) Flexibility through cash indemnity LTC benefits that help clients obtain care where and from whom they prefer, (b) Choice of a variety of payment options, including pay to Attained Age 100, making the policy accessible to more clients than ever before, and (c) Protection from inflation via one of several options, including a 3% compound option and a new U.S. Medical Care Inflation option based on changes in the cost of health care. Nationwide CareMatters II is designed to help bring the protection of a linked-benefit policy to a wider range of clients across a variety of ages and financial situations.

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Pacific Life

  • More Competitive Pricing for PL Promise Term! We’ve repriced PL Promise Term Life Insurance to to help you maximize your term sales. See how we stack up against the competition.
  • New rates available for PL Promise Term. We've adjusted pricing! PL Promise Term Life Insurance offers a combination no one else has: (a) Competitive pricing including lower face amounts ($50K to $100K), Select No Nicotine (SLNN) risk class, and term duration 25 years --- all ages, male/female, and (b) Fluidless underwriting up to $1 million for clients ages 50-69 with no rate class restrictions.

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