"Why Social CRM is Important to Business" is available for download. From the site: "There has been a fundamental shift in the ways with which a business interacts with their customers. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, these are the new channels that provide new opportunities for meaningful communication, engaging customer service, and a new level of targeted marketing. Organizations everywhere are relearning how to inform their customers and there are new tools available to help develop, distribute, track, and optimize their social campaigns. Check out this free white paper, Why Social CRM is Important to Business, to:
  • Understand the changing role of social media in sales, marketing, and customer service
  • Discover how social CRM can and should be used to optimize your communication
  • See examples and use-cases of social CRM integrated into business environments
Click Here To Download. BONUS Download: "A Little Extra Service Raises Customer Satisfaction and Lowers Cost" Description: "3 best practices for providing 'a little extra service' using chat and email management that will save your company money and drives high customer satisfaction at the same time." Click Here To Download.