It’s February, which means Life Happens (formerly the LIFE Foundation) is gearing up once again for their annual “Insure Your Love” campaign. As a Brokerage General Agency that works with agents and producers all over the country, we’d like to do our part! That means making all of their resources available to you. Life Happens has fantastic resources, including unbiased needs calculators, realLife Stories, and product selector tools available year-round. You can check out the list of resources below. If you need help with non-marketing resources like underwriting or product training, we're here to help! You can always call us at 1-800-823-4852 or click here to email our Brokerage Sales Support team.


Sending links to or using these videos in social media is a great way to reach out to consumers. Just be sure to credit Life Happens (and don't rebrand them as your own without obtaining a license first). For licensing info, contact Andrea Englert at [email protected]

Attention-Grabbing Short Videos (under one minute)

You want to grab a consumer’s attention, but you only have a few seconds to do it. Nothing accomplishes this better than video! Below, you’ll find a half dozen short and to-the-point video clips:

General Videos (about two minutes)

These videos are a bit longer, but still provide a powerful message. Check them out:


Nothing hits harder than real life stories. We can talk and tell stories ourselves all we want. But the realization that life insurance is ultra important for families often never arrives until a major life-changing event takes place. A friend or a family member dies suddenly, and the consumer watches as the surviving family struggles. Or worse, it’s their family that this nightmare scenario happens to, and now it’s too late!
  • The Donaca family: Life insurance bought just 12 hours before it was “needed” saved a family and a business. (One-page print flyer of this story)
  • Coleen Stokes and her daughter Summer: At just 22, Summer, a new mom, knew the right thing to do was buy an affordable life insurance policy. (One-page print flyer of this story)
  • The Wachtel family: An accelerated death benefit meant the world to this father before he passed away: (One-page print flyer of this story)
  • Shane LaBarge: Shane watched his family move from a middle-class life to eminent eviction because his father didn’t have life insurance. (One-page print flyer of this story)
Be sure to check out and for more marketing resources. Here are a few of their most popular marketing pieces, directly from the original flyer:
  • Because He Loved Me: This flyer is one of their all-time most popular pieces. Although life insurance isn't explicitly mentioned in the poem on this flyer, it’s understood that the family is financially secure because the father who died had adequate coverage. This is also available in Spanish.
  • Because She Loved Us: Like the flyer above, life insurance isn't explicitly mentioned in the poem but it’s understood that the family is OK financially because the mother who died had adequate coverage.
  • The “What You Need to Know About Life Insurance” brochure is an eight-page guide that provides consumers with a soup-to-nuts view of life insurance basics, and is one of LIFE’s most popular pieces. It contains several realLIFEstories and the Life Insurance Needs Worksheet. There are two ways to get it:
  • Downloadable Insure Your Love flyers: These can be sent as email attachments, or printed out and sent with an approach letter. There are four to choose from:

To get the most out of this campaign, you should share this content with your current clients, prospects, and consumers through social media channels. Follow LifeHappens on their social media platforms:

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For the rest of the month, our Tools of the Trade emails will feature other ways you can help your clients insure their loved ones. Topics include different types of trusts that allow clients to leave more money behind, increasing their legacy while decreasing the amount hit by estate taxes.

If you need help with a case or finding the right planning solution, call us at 1-800-823-4852 or click here to email our Brokerage Sales Support team.

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