May 2019 Sales Kit: Disability Income Insurance

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What would happen to your clients if they became disabled for a month? For three months? For a year?

A 2019 report from Bankrate reported that the typical American household has about $8,863 in cash savings. That might sound like a lot, but what would happen if that amount never grew? That's what could happen when disability strikes - and that paycheck stops coming in. Could your clients pay the bills for very long with more than about $8,000? If not, use our sales kit to help them make a plan.

What’s in the Kit

May 2019 Sales Kit: Disability Income Insurance

In this month's kit, we have 40 pages of resources to help you introduce clients to disability income insurance. These materials will take you through every part of the process, from prospecting to communicating to requesting a quote.

Our FREE 40-page kit includes:

  • 12-page producer marketing guide
  • 4 pages of pre-written social media materials
  • 2 pages of case studies
  • 2-page glossary of common disability terms
  • 4 pages of approach tips & conversation starters
  • 5 pages of sales ideas
  • 8-page consumer guide
  • 1-page fillable DI quote request form
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How to Use This Month’s Sales Kit

The first piece in the kit, a producer marketing guide, offers a good starting place to look for prospects in your book of business. Look for clients who are:

  • Are 30-55
  • Earn at least $40,000 per year
  • Work at least 20 hours per week
  • Work in occupations with little to no manual duties

Next, use the conversation starters and approach tips (pages 22-25) to reach out to those prospects you've identified as a good fit. To broadcast a wider message, use the pre-written social media materials (pages 14-17) all month on your favorite networks. When a prospect reaches out, go over the consumer guide with them (pages 31-38) so they understand (a) what disability insurance is, and (b) how it protects their financial future if they become disabled. To get them a quote, just fill in the DI quote request form with them (page 39), and email it to us (the address is on the form).

Insureio Subscribers: Use Our Disability Income Insurance Email Campaign

Are you an Insureio subscriber? If so, you can access May's pre-built email marketing campaign. It includes five emails that will be automatically delivered throughout the month. The emails introduce the concept of disability insurance and briefly explain how it helps protect your prospect's financial future. Topics include an introduction to disability insurance, long-term vs. short term disability insurance, how to compare policies, and more. Each page links to corresponding content on your Insurance Division site, so your prospect can learn more at their own pace and contact you when they're ready. No hard sell required!

May 2019 Insureio Marketing Campaign: Disability Income Insurance

To preview the campaign:

  • Click Marketing and then Marketing Campaigns from your left-hand navigation menu in Insureio.
  • Scroll down and click May Newsletter Series: Disability Income Insurance (Monthly Focus Topic). You'll see the list of five pre-scheduled emails. Click any title to preview the template in a new browser tab.

Want to learn more about Insureio marketing campaigns, including how to enroll your clients and prospects? Click here for a complete tutorial in the Insureio Academy.

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May 2019 Sales Kit: Disability Income Insurance

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