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American National

  • Life Insurance in a 412(e)(3) Plan? Read about it here.
  • Webinar Opportunities: Life Insurance in Defined Benefit Plans on May 14 at 10am PT or May 21 at 10am PT


  • Effective May 19, 2014, Genworth is implementing a newly formatted Suitability Profile form 49655 01/27/2014 and introducing a new Single Premium Immediate Annuity Acknowledgement Form 157421 01/27/2014
    • National Suitability Profile Form The Suitability Profile will follow the same admission and review procedures as the previous version of this document. There will be a 30 day transition period ending June 19, 2014. After this date, Genworth will no longer accept the previous version of the Suitability Profile form. During the transition period, Genworth will accept both versions of the Suitability Profile. If the old version is received, Genworth will make a courtesy call to remind agents to use the new Suitability Profile form going forward.
    • Single Premium Immediate Annuity Acknowledgement Form This form is required in situations where the Restrictions Endorsement has been selected (except in the states of OR and NY) or when the applicant's objective in purchasing the annuity is related to applying for Medicaid benefits or other government assistance. This form is required in all sales that meet the stated criteria for all firms. Applications received after a 30 day transition period ending June 19, 2014 that meet the criteria will be considered Not In Good Order until this form is received by Genworth.
  • May 7 Newsletter:
  • Customize the consumer-use tool with your contact info and show your client how rising interest rates could impact their overall fixed income portfolio. Get the tool here.
  • Genworth Foundation Builder IUL can provide death benefits guarantees and competitive cash value accumulation. Compare GUL products with Foundation Builder IUL on your next case and call Richard W. Nefzer at (480) 982-4607 to discuss the difference.


  • Check out the new iPipeline Facebook page designed with you in mind. The page will share info on product updates, industry conferences, metrics, tips, and relevant articles. Find them here and hit the 'like' button to follow.

John Hancock

  • Effective May 19, there will be several changes to our product and pricing on the Custom Care III and Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder products. Additionally, we will be introducing a shortened application and revised underwriting process. Please read this Newslink for more important information on application and transition guidelines. Click here to see the bulletin.
  • Effective May 19, 2014, we are temporarily suspending sales of all LTC products in California, until our product pricing has been updated and we are ready to implement. We expect to have our revised product available in California in the next few months. Paper applications for current rates and benefits in the state of California must be signed on or prior to May 18, 2014 and received in the John Hancock home office by end of day May 26, 2014. For your convenience, applications can be faxed into New Business at 800-932-4305 and you may also notify your JH Dedicated Case Manager

Legal & General

  • REQUIRED: ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING TRAINING PART OF UL POLICY ISSUE REQUIREMENTS— Under the USA Patriot Act, producers including independent agents who sell products that accumulate cash value or have an investment component must take LIMRA's "Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Producers" course. Legal & General America Companies (Banner and William Penn) require agent certification of on-going AML training before issuing a universal life product.
  • The underwriting, Commission Accounting and New Business sections of the business guide to basic procedures at Legal & General America have been updated and is now available online in the Go-To Resources section of our business website. "The Basics" is available as a searchable section of our website under "Go-To Resources" at
  • View the latest agency communication here.


  • We are pleased to announce the following upgrades have been added to our website:
    • CRS - We added the ability to export the CRS to excel - Principal level access only
    • Discounts Tab - See where you can receive discounts or free services from carriers, vendors and industry associations
    • Page Syndication - You can now syndicate LMP web pages to your website.  Please contact David directly for the links and instructions at[email protected]
    • Tax Corner - The Tax Corner is a new resource page to keep up with any tax updates and changes.  LifeMark Partners has collaborated with Karen Meck (KBM Consulting) who has a masters in taxation and has created LifeMark branded materials and articles for your use and consideration.  We continue to build this page to add carrier specific materials focused on how taxes can affect your clients and how Life Insurance can help!
    • Favorites - We removed the red X's, per requests, and added instructions on how to add and remove Favorites from your list.
    • CCH MD - You can now send your cases to Dr. Judge through the CCH tool (ExamOne Imaging needed to attach documents).  Please be aware that case summaries with Dr. Judge could incur fees.
      • Coming Soon - A syndicated Dr. Judge page so that you have the ability to promote Dr. Judge as a Medical Director resource to your agency
    • Discussion Boards Added
      • Principal Discussion Board - Principals Only
      • Ops Discussion Board  - for agency Ops Personnel
      • AMS User Group - for AMS user group members only
      • Ask the Doctor Discussion Board
      • Coming Soon - Products Discussion Board
    • Discussion Board Request Form - Complete this form to subscribe to the various Discussion Boards available on the LifeMark website
      • This form can be found on the Ops Discussion Board page and the General News Section on the Welcome page
    • Landing Page Descriptions - On each Landing page of the website, you will now find short descriptions of the various section under each page
    • Tutorials - Take a quick tour of the various sections of the LifeMark website at your leisure or bring a new employee up to speed on the tools and resources on the LifeMark website.  Tutorials can be found under the specific website Tutorial page.  Some tutorials have been restricted to Principal logons only.

Lincoln Financial

  • NEW Product: Lincoln LifeReserve Indexed UL Accumulator
  • Available May 12: New LifeReserve IUL Accumulator—uncapped, high-participation account, optional dollar cost averaging


  • One Minute Trainer: Calaculate IRR and Tax Equivalent Yield Automatically in MetLife Solutions
  • 3 Elements of a Cover Letter that Moves Business: these are a critical part of the underwriting process, filling in the blanks in an application. See what must be included to move the process along more quickly. Click here.
  • Effective immediately, the Healthy Look facultative reinsurance programs have been discontinued. After analysis, MetLife has determined Healthy Look was not as valuable to producers and clients as intended. For cases that may qualify, the MetEdge reinsurance program is still available, and regular facultative reinsurance may still be an option. Click here to see the bulletin.

Minnesota Life/Securian

Mutual of Omaha

  • Live sessions streaming online from the National Long-Term Care Sales Summit begins Sunday, May 18. It is completely FREE. You can watch from your home or office. Sessions will be broadcast over three days. Here are the sessions:
    • May 18: 2 sessions on selling LTC over the phone & internet (10:15am - 1:00pm PST)
    • May 19: 2014 LTC Public Policy and Legislative Update / The CEOs of Five LTC Insurers Address Today and Tomorrow (7:45am - 10am PST)
    • May 20: The New Opening Conversation to Have with Every Prospect / Energize Your Sales by Including LTC Hybrids (8:15am - 10am PST)
  • Effective April 28:
    • Premium caps increased to $2,000,000 on GUL, GUL Plus, AccumUL Plus, and AccumUL Answers
    • Premium caps increased to $1,000,000 on GUL Survivor
  • MoO Express (May 14):


  • Available August 1: Fixed account change from 3% to 2% for YourLife Accumulation VUL, YourLife Protection VUL, and YourLife Survivorship VUL

North American

  • Flyer for Performance Choice 8 Plus (fixed index annuity)


  • Flyer for Protective Custom Choice UL


  • Available May 1: PruTerm One & VUL Protector