In this month's MDRT Minute, CEO and author Michael Maslansky gives us four steps to build trust with prospects. It's no secret that many prospects accept go into your meeting with skepticism. From the trustworthiness of our industry in general to specific promises they may have heard from another advisor, there are lots of things they're not sure about. Here are the four things you can do to speak "the language of trust" with a skeptical prospect.

  • 1. Be personal. Tell your client what you can do for them. This means avoiding all those "I" statements, like "I've got great qualifications" or "I've got decades of experience."
  • 2. Be plainspoken. Just because a prospect nods doesn't mean he or she understands the jargon you're using.
  • 3. Be positive. No one wants to hear what they can't do or won't get, even when they know they're in a down market. Focus on what you can give your client.
  • 4. Be plausible. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it. Nothing else matters if your client doesn't believe what you say.

Author Michael Maslansky teaches companies and organizations to use the principles of credible communication. He's worked with MetLife, Toyota, and Bank of America. If you want a simple, one-page takeaway of these core principles, click here for the full article in September's MDRT Minute.

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