Have you checked out the redesigned Round the Table magazine from MDRT?

If not, here's how the updated version is organized:

  • The "Practice" section: get tips for running your business and improving your performance. For example, in this issue, read "When Second Is Best" by Michael Morrow, CFP. The article explains how to create a prospecting system that allows you to step in when a potential client becomes unhappy with their current advisor.
  • The "People" section: read stories about MDRT members from around the globe. Discover new markets and get educated on the the issues people face in those markets. In this issue, you'll find "At the Leading Edge" by Kathryn Furtaw Keuneke, CAE, a profile of MDRT President Caroline A. Banks.
  • The "Inside MDRT" section: find information on all the benefits you receive as an MDRT member. Includes meeting information, foundation updates, and more. In this issue, you'll meet your 2015 MDRT leaders, in office as of September 1.

To check out the latest issue, visit www.RoundtheTable.org.

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