The latest issue of MDRT's Top of the Table e-newsletter is here! If you want to qualify for the Top of the Table, a great first step is to learn from those who are already there. Top of the Table Newsletter provides tech tips, best practices, meeting dates, past proceedings articles, and spotlights of members in the media. Check out the articles below:
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  • Registration for the 2014 Top of the Table Meeting in San Francisco, CA is now open! - click here for more
  • Are you a Top of the Table member with a tech solution? Present at an open session at the Top of the Table Meeting! - click here
  • Tech Tip: Utilize electronic document signing programs on the go! - click here
  • Past "Proceedings" article: "The Challenge of Change" - click here to read this motivational story and more
  • Members in the Media: Check out what your peers are doing - click here
  • Tip from the Top: Conduct a week-long activity inventory - click here to learn how