NAIFA Webinar: Retirement Planning with Tom Hegna
This March, we're talking about retirement planning. Find out how to help your clients plan for a more secure financial future with one of the experts - Tom Hegna. Sign up now for the free webinar on Wednesday, March 14 at 2 pm EDT!

We're proud to bring you another free webinar from our friends at NAIFA: “Don’t Worry Retire Happy: Seven Steps to Retirement Security,” presented by Tom Hegna. This webinar was specifically developed with insurance and financial professionals in mind. Your clients are up against a volatile market, increasing medical costs and Social Security challenges. Are you equipped to provide them with a plan to thrive in the midst of this reality?

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In this session, Tom will teach you:

  • Different scenarios for optimizing your clients' Social Security benefits
  • How working in retirement may impact Social Security benefits and other retirement plans
  • How to set your clients up to cover basic expenses with guaranteed income that will last a lifetime
  • The importance of having a plan for unknown and likely increasing medical costs
  • How your clients can most efficiently pass wealth to heirs

Don’t miss this chance to hear the latest ideas from the master of retirement planning, Tom Hegna, on March 14, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Space is limited, so be sure to register today!

*Continuing Education credits for this webinar are pending in many states and are now approved in AZ, GA, IL, PA, and UT.

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A big thanks to NAIFA for making this webinar available to us!

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