The goal of this month is to provide you with a turnkey process to incorporate more effective business planning into practice. There are plenty of opportunities out there. In fact, The Principal alone implemented over 2,000 business valuations and buy-sell reviews a year ago, and the carrier expects this year to see twice that amount of reviews to be completed this year. This program generated $60 million in new premium with an average case size of over $18,000 per case. Now imagine how much opportunity you can gain by offering free valuation, buy-sell review, and insurance policy review as a door opener with both new and existing clients. This process by itself can cost your clients over $10,000 in fees in the open market. Last week, we opened June with a webinar from The Principal aimed at generating sales with informal business valuations. By clicking the link just provided, you’ll gain access to the first webinar in the learning series. The Principal has a second webinar available for listening as well. The second webinar, “Opening Cases with a Business Valuation and Buy-Sell Review”, is 30 minutes in duration. By listening, you will learn:
  • Key family business market facts and stats
  • How property transfers
  • Talking points to discuss with your client
  • How events such as a cross-purchase or entity purchase agreement works
  • About the Buy-Sell Review Report Summary from The Principal
Give these webinars a listen, then call us at (800) 823-4852 or email [email protected] to find out how you can get started today!