Recently, Pinney Insurance VP of Sales and Marketing Ryan Pinney visited the Sell Term Life podcast to discuss Customer 2.0.

Today's customer is changing our industry and the way we sell life insurance. They're more educated and have more resources to do their own research on products. They can easily use the Internet to make comparisons and obtain quotes. This is why it's pertinent that we as brokers adapt to changing times and incorporate technology into practice. This includes streamlining processes, turning to e-solutions, and much more.

The Top 10 Takeaways:

  • Leverage technology
  • Online purchases are increasing
  • Challenges: regulations, aging salesforce
  • Need: streamlined underwriting, applications
  • Less CUPS, more TIN
  • Focus on value, not price
  • Increase your lead nurture time
  • CRMs are essential
  • Target advocates
  • Standardize, Systematize, Automate!

The majority of the discussion centered around Ryan's trip to Malaysia to speak at the MDRT Annual Meeting. You can find the transcript to his Main Platform presentation here.

Being a digital BGA allows us to spend more time helping you, the agent, be as successful as possible. Whether you're interested in virtual sales, insurance telesales, or want to focus on face-to-face sales, we can help. To join the Pinney team, call us at (800) 823-4852 and ask to speak to a Brokerage Manager.