The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

An impactful approach to the Seven Deadly Sins you and your Brand (your company, your call center, your agency, or just you personally) should avoid on Social Media! From a humoristic approach to a modern-life analogy for Social Media and including everything in between, this deck is a compelling resource that will provide you with more than a few take-aways for your Brand!

Learn all seven sins and how to avoid them in less than five minutes. Click here to view the slideshare.


Displaying Data

Whether you're sitting down with a client personally to deliver a presentation, or its with an organization such as MDRT or NAIFA, or you need to deliver key information on the differences between two products via your website, there's a right way to display data and a way that will overwhelm your audience. Don't overwhelm your audience. Learn the right way to deliver the data. From the slideshare description:

"When it comes to displaying data in your presentation, use the five principles to present your data in the clearest possible way."

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How to Become a Better Speaker

Perhaps it's not the physical presentation you're stressing out about, but the verbal portion. You can be the most genuine, kindest, most helpful person in the world, but you fear speaking in front of people. From the description:

"Does the fear of public speaking keep you up all night? Well, you don't need to suffer any longer. This presentation will give you the confidence and tips you need to become a better speaker and transform yourself in a 'Steve Jobs' style master. I've collected all the tips and tricks I've picked up on my speaking travels and also from watching my clients speak at conferences."

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