QuickSprout released a 30,000 word guide on marketing automation aimed at beginners. The purpose of the guide is to help those who want and need to market to consumers but don't quite have the time required. Via QuickSprout.com, here are the chapter descriptions:

  • Chapter 1: What Is Marketing Automation? – learn how marketing automation works and how it complements other marketing techniques like inbound marketing.
  • Chapter 2: Why Email Still Matters – if you think email marketing is dead, think again. It’s still alive and growing strong. The landscape has just changed.
  • Chapter 3: Conversion Funnels and User Flows – one of the key components to marketing automation is your funnel. This chapter will teach you everything you need to know about funnels.
  • Chapter 4: Getting Started with Your Database – databases are key components to a successful campaign. From building your own lists to buying them, it’s important to know what options exist and how to use them.
  • Chapter 5: Inspiration to Flow – getting started doesn’t have to be hard. Learn the actionable steps you need to take to get your first campaign off the ground.
  • Chapter 6: Avoiding Spam – just like with any form of marketing, you have to be careful how you use communication in email marketing. Avoid spamming your audience and follow the advice in this chapter to ensure that people are reading your emails.

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