MDRT Minute: How to Be Business Brilliant

Author Lewis Schiff's "How to Be Business Brilliant" article explains the LEAP principal, and how to use it to set yourself up for success.
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MDRT Minute: The Language of Trust

Author & CEO Michael Maslansky outlines four principles in the language of trust in this MDRT Minute. Get a quick summary plus a link to the full article.
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MDRT Redesigns "Round the Table" Magazine

Check out the newly redesigned Round the Table magazine, with three new sections that give you business tips, member profiles, and important updates.
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Ryan Pinney Named Zone Chair of MDRT's Membership Communications Division

Congratulations to Ryan Pinney, named Zone Chair of MDRT's Membership Communications Division. View the press release here.
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MDRT Minute: Using Annual Review Planning to Solidify Client Relationships

In this month's MDRT Minute, we get a step-by-step guide to performing year-end annual review planning for your clients from a 10-year MDRT member.
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MDRT: July 2014 E-Newsletter

Full of sales ideas, webinars, and more, the July edition of the MDRT e-newsletter is available. Three ways to relive the Annual Meeting and how to apply for an MDRT Foundation Grant.
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MDRT: Top of the Table Newsletter (June/July 2014)

Top of the Table Newsletter provides tech tips, best practices, meeting dates, past proceedings articles, and spotlights of members in the media.
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MDRT Minute: Your Attitude Determines Your Performance — Principles to Succeed

What are your professional goals? Do they include helping as many as you can? Spreading the word on the importance of protecting your family?
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MDRT Minute: The Missing Pieces of the Financial Planning Puzzle

Author Kevin Lynch, CFP, ChFC, discusses the missing pieces of financial planning. Make sure you aren't missing any of these important services.
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MDRT: June 2014 E-Newsletter

In this issue: Thank you for a great Annual Meeting! Next stop: San Francisco for the Top of the Table Annual Meeting. Save the Date: Upcoming webinars.
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