Tech Trends: Are You Keeping Up?

Marketo recently launched a series of online interviews, designed to give you insight into the world of marketing and technology. When DJ Waldow, Marketo’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, sat down with Porter Gale, the former VP of Marketing at Virgin America, we got some great insight into how technol...
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Strategies for 2nd and 3rd Voicemail Attempts

Voicemail strategies from the Virtual Inside Sales Summit. The reality is that as a producer, getting called back is one of the biggest challenges we face.
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Ryan Pinney Talks Social Media Compliance + Virtual Inside Sales Summit Notes

Tips from Ryan Pinney as he talks social media compliance, and his notes from the Virtual Inside Sales Summit. Learn handling objections and getting to Yes.
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"Reaching Customer 2.0" Podcast

Our Pinney Insurance VP of Sales and Marketing, Ryan Pinney, discusses how a digital agency can adapt to the changes Customer 2.0 brought to the market.
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2014 MDRT Experience Presentation

Recently, I was invited to speak on the main platform at the 2014 MDRT Experience in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. I had an amazing time and learned quite a bit. If you're not an MDRT member already, you should deeply consider it. If you missed this year's Experience meeting, MDRT has put together a fantas...
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3 Takeaways from a Recent Sales Summit

I would like to report on a couple of things I learned at a Sales Summit I attended in Santa Monica on January 27-29, 2014. Foreign Nationals I always thought Foreign National business was writing huge amounts of life insurance on some rich industry titan from Japan or a Colombian drug lord.  Come ...
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Standardize - Systematize - Automate

Last week I wrote about becoming a 21st century producer. In that post, I explained how clients are thinking differently now due to technology. They want goods and services faster and more conveniently. We as professionals have to build an online presence in a now consumer-driven world. We have to c...
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How to Become a 21st Century Producer

In an ever changing industry, nowadays everything is done on the web. To become a 21st century producer, you must differentiate yourself.
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Overcoming Objections: The Cost Assumption

What's the number-one challenge in selling life insurance? It’s hearing and overcoming this phrase: “Life insurance is too expensive.”
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Capitalizing on Gen Y Prospects

Most agents are so focused on baby boomers and Generation X that Gen Y prospects are being overlooked. This is a mistake.
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