The Definitive Guide to Building an Outbound Lead Generation Team

The 80-page book will teach you key strategies on building a high-performance sales lead gen team, tips on boosting sales growth and key metrics for measuring performance.
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Free eBook: The Art of Cold Calling

Are you still cold calling prospects? No judgment from us if you are, but the rules of the game have changed with the introduction of technology.
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Free Download: Content Marketing Hacks

If you have your own website or blog, you understand how difficult it can be to keep your blog up to date with relevant, interesting content.
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How to Do Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

"Are you doing email marketing but not seeing the kind of results that you expected? Are your email opens and clicks disappointing… or non-existent?
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SEO News from Internet Marketing Ninjas

The Internet Marketing Ninjas recently provided quality information we'd like to share. In this post you'll find the highlights and why we think it's useful.
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Map Your Lead Generation Efforts to Your Sales Funnel

Free Download: Marketo's Lead Generation to Sales Funnel eBook. Discover how to define a lead by demographics, firmographics and BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline).
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Guide: The Best Time to Make Cold Calls

Learn whether it's better to call before or after lunch, connection success rates and a key takeaway to increase your contact rate by 30%.
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SlideShares: 7 Deadly Social Sins, Displaying Data and Become a Better Speaker

Through social media, speaking or sitting down with a client, you need to deliver key information. Learn the right way to deliver the data.
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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation

QuickSprout released a 30,000 word guide on marketing automation aimed at beginners. The purpose of the guide is to help those who want and need to market to consumers but don't quite have the time required.
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How to Optimize Landing Pages to Generate More Leads

Learn the elements of high-converting landing pages, how to optimize your landing pages to attract more leads, and changes to increase conversion rates.
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FREE Webinar Series: “Grow Your Business with IUL”

Watch these 5 webinars with North American, each with 20 minutes of sales tips and best practices, so you can start selling IUL now!

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